Dealing with Low Self-Esteem

Low Self

There are times in our lives when our self-esteem takes a blow. It might be because of the people around us, the way we were raised, or when we suffer from an emotional let-down. There are many factors that can wound our self-esteem but no matter what they may be, …

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5 Moves to Banish Bra Bulge

Banish Bra Bulge

Bra bulge is a problem that a lot of women are facing nowadays especially when they gained some weight. That extra layer that appears when you strap on your bra can be a bit embarrassing to see especially when you are wearing tight tops. You may wish it disappears completely …

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Tips on How to Increase Serotonin in the Brain Naturally

Brain Naturally

Serotonin is often recognized as a brain chemical but most of its neurotransmitter can be found in the digestive tract. When serotonin levels go down, it can affect our mood, memory, sleep habits, emotions, digestion, emotions, and even body-temperature regulation. Serotonin is often referred to as the “happy hormone” since …

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Ayurvedic Treatments for Obesity


We all know how obesity can ruin the figure. Did you know that it’s also something that can increase a person’s risk of some of the most terrifying health issues out there, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer? If you are on the hunt for effective and all-natural …

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Benefits of Eating Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Eating healthy is one way for you to protect yourself against common ailments such as colds and cough, and if you start introducing the right kinds of foods to your diet, you are actually increasing your chances of being immune to different types of diseases ranging from mild to severe. …

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How to Detect Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional Deficiencies

You may not notice this but you are probably vitamin and mineral deficient. This is not unlikely especially with our current diet that is often filled with foods that are high in salt, carbs, and fats. The problem with our diet is that we don’t normally get the nutrients that …

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Is It Normal to Pee a Lot at Night?

Pee a Lot at Night

We all know the importance of sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night. However, there are things that can rob a person of a good night’s sleep. For some, it’s their anxiety. Others blame their stress for it. Then there are also those that point their finger at frequent urination …

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Reasons to Eat Swedes

Eat Swedes

Swedes are related to cabbage. However, they do not look anything like their relative. Most of the time, they are mistaken for turnips. The inclusion of swedes in your diet is a wonderful idea because they are loaded with various nutrients that your body requires for its proper functioning as …

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List of Antioxidant Herbs You Must Know

Antioxidant Herbs

The term antioxidant is being bandied about in many wellness circles lately that it is impossible not to see any diet that doesn’t have foods that contain this ingredient. Why do you even need antioxidants in the first place? Well, it appears that antioxidants have the ability to prevent or …

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