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Most Women Miss These 3 Early Signs of Cervical Cancer!

Cervical CancerIt is terrifying to know that women do not have any symptoms of pre-cancers and early cervical cancer, and they experience the symptoms when the pre-cancer stage becomes a really invasive cancer. The symptoms are not present until the cancer grows to be in the later stage and more serious when it spreads to a nearby tissue. There is a way to find the cervical cancer and ovarian cancer at an early stage with Routine Pap screenings. This is why the Routine Pap screenings are important because they can discover the abnormal cells in the cervix and when discovered they can be further treated and monitored.

So it is highly significant to know how to recognize the early signs of cervical cancer between the Pap screenings.

1.Irregular bleeding

Irregular bleeding is the most frequent sign of early cervical cancer, and many women do not pay attention to this symptom. This type of irregular vaginal bleeding usually happens after sex and in the period between menstrual periods. It is not an intensive bleeding, but it is in fact like spotting or a slight blood-streaked discharge. Also it can manifest with longer and more intensive menstrual bleeding. Also another symptom of early cervical cancer can be the appearance of vaginal bleeding in women in post-menopause – when the menstrual periods are not present.

2.Unusual vaginal discharge

Also as an early sign of cervical cancer are considered various kinds of vaginal discharge. Constant discharge can be an early symptom, and it can have these characteristics:

  • Watery
  • Foul-smelling
  • Pale
  • Tinged with blood
  • Brown

3.Pelvic pain

The third early symptom for cervical cancer is considered the pelvic pain during sex and at other times. This pain means that there are some abnormal changes into the cervix. This type of cancer can grow in the entire pelvis.

Symptoms of advanced stages of Cervical Cancer

The previously mentioned symptoms of cervical cancer are not often recognized, because women are not familiar with them. The following symptoms are for the advanced stages of cervical cancer?

  • Difficulty going to the bathroom due to obstruction
  • Fatigue
  • Back or pelvic pain
  • Weight loss
  • Swelling in one or both of the legs

What are the risk factors for Cervical Cancer?

Being able to recognize and to look for the early symptoms of cervical cancer is very important in order to discover the cancer before it continues to grow and spread in the body. These are the most common risk factors for the cervical cancer:

  • Having sex for the first time at a young age
  • Mother’s use of diethylstilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy
  • Having different sexual partners
  • Having sex with a man whose partner had cervical cancer
  • A compromised immune system
  • Smoking

The American Cancer Society also warns us that all these mentioned symptoms for cervical cancer can also be a result or a sign for many other health problems, like infections that cause bleeding and pain. But just to be sure, consult a doctor immediately when you notice any of these symptoms. The condition still needs some treatment whether it is only an infection or something else. The body always gives you signs when something is not normal, so pay attention. Performing Pap screening on a regular basis, will allow you to discover the cancer at an early stage, before it spread through the body.

Here is a video with more information about the early symptoms of cervical cancer.

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