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Are You Addicted to the Television? Here are the Signs That You Might Be

Addicted to the TelevisionWe all know that leading a sedentary lifestyle is bad for both figure and health. And one of the many, many things that drive a lot of people to become inactive is the television.

Although it’s true that the boob tube can be a wonderful source of entertainment and information, the truth is being seated in front of it all the time can be the root cause of many problems, from having excess pounds to losing precious relationships. Just like with so many forms of addiction, being hooked on the television can interfere with your having a normal and healthy life in a lot of ways – the end results can be much more riveting than a soap opera!

So how can you tell whether you’re spending just the right amount of time in front of your TV or you simply have your eyes always glued to its screen? Here are some of the telltale signs:

You Don’t Go Out With Friends Anymore

Hanging out with your friends is a great lifter of the mood and combater of stress. If often you cancel coffee or badminton plans with your chums because you simply cannot skip your favorite TV shows, then you are definitely hooked on your TV. Oh, and you’re in trouble if you consider your favorite television characters as your newfound friends.

Your Kitchen is Gathering Dust

Somewhere along the trip from your office to your home at the end of the day, do you stop to get takeout? It’s perfectly fine if your reason for such is you’re too tired to prepare dinner from scratch. But if you habitually do it just to be able to spend the rest of your day in front of your television, it’s very much likely that you’re a TV addict.

You Start and End Your Day in Front of the TV

Do you reach for the remote before you make coffee at the start of your day? Is an infomercial product the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night to catch some Z’s? Then you are definitely addicted to the boob tube. Especially if you have a TV set installed in your bedroom, it can be very easy for this piece of technology to ruin your life.

Your Waistline is Expanding

One of the most serious problems that you can end up with for being hooked on TV is weight gain. It doesn’t really come as a shock because of your sedentary lifestyle. The thing is being overweight is not just a cosmetic issue – within your body your heart and vital organs could already be enveloped in fat, putting you at risk of various diseases.

You Turn to the TV When You Have Problems

A healthy way to tackle a life problem is by facing it head on or talking about it with family members or friends to keep those negative feelings from being repressed, which is a bad thing when pent-up. But if it’s your habit to sit in front of the television when frustrated with your boss or worrying about next month’s rent, then it’s a red flag.

Keep in mind always that too much of something is bad. The television can be one of your greatest allies for combating boredom and stress, but it can also be one of your worst adversaries if you get addicted to it.


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