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Amok Hammock Lets You Actually Lay Flat

Amok HammockThe thing about hammocks is that they're hard to sleep on for long periods of time, since your back is always curved because of the way the hammock hangs. I'd love to actually use a hammock while camping someday, but I also need to lay completely flat in order to get some sleep. That's why this company made a hammock that you can actually lay flat in. It's called the Draumr 3.0 by Amok Equipment, and it places your body the opposite way on the hammock so it won't be curved while you sleep.

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The unique lay flat hammock allows you to comfortably sleep on your back, side, or stomach while swinging in the air inside a hammock. Not only that, but it can be put into two positions, one for sleeping and laying flat, and another for sitting in during the day to read, and hang out.


The lay flat camping hammock comes with a bug screen that zips close to comfortably sleep without slapping bugs all night, an integrated inflatable cushion that you can insert into the hammock, and a tarp that you can put over the hammock to keep dry in bad weather.

The lay flat camping hammock

Check out the Amok lay flat hammock in action via the video below.

Amok lay flat hammock 2
Amok lay flat hammock 1 Amok lay flat hammock

Amok lay flat hammock 7

Amok lay flat hammock 6

Amok lay flat hammock 5

Amok lay flat hammock 4

Amok lay flat hammock 3

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