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Are Legal Steroids Safer than Anabolic Steroids?



Anabolic steroids have been used for decades by both athletes and bodybuilders to gain the edge when competing. Known for their extremely effective muscle growth and strength benefits, steroids really help to provide drastic improvements in performance and looks. However, there is a reason so many inject-able steroids have been made illegal, not just in the US, but in other countries too. Below you will discover why legal steroids are a safer alternatives than illegal steroids.

What are legal steroids?

The term legal steroid is actually quite misleading. This is because they are not actually steroids at all, they are supplements. Made with natural ingredients that are designed to provide the exact same effects as anabolic type steroids, without any of the harmful effects. These legal steroids are also easier to take and they don’t require injections. Depending upon the type you choose, you will generally need to take just 1 tablet, 2-3 times a day with meals or before workouts and exercising.



Understanding the dangers of steroid Injections

The potential health risks associated with steroid injections are pretty scary. There are three main types of risks you are taking when you inject any illegal steroid into the body for performance boosting purposes. These include:

  • Physical risks
  • Emotional risks
  • Risk of disease

In terms of physical risks, there are a lot of unpleasant side effects that can occur when you frequently inject steroids into the body. For example, both men and women can experience hair loss. We are not talking about a little hair loss here either. There is a very good chance you could end up totally bald. As these steroids also contain extremely high doses of testosterone, men could find they start to develop breasts and it can also lead to infertility as well as shrunken gentiles. On the other hand, women can start to experience hair growth, a deeper voice and an enlarged clitoris.


As if the physical risks are not bad enough, the emotional risks are also quite scary. The most notable is severe changes in the mood. A lot of people experience a high level of aggression whilst injecting steroids. You will likely have seen cases in the media where body builders injecting themselves have developed rage issues that have actually caused them to kill or serious injure someone.

Whilst this is rare, mood swings are a very common side effect that can have a severe impact on your relationships. It isn’t just anger you need to worry about either. They can cause paranoia, delusions and jealousy too.

Finally, another problem with steroid injections is that they do increase your chances of developing diseases such as AIDs and HIV. This is more commonly a problem if you are sharing needles. The trouble is, any infections you do pick up due to the injections often require life-long treatments. Even steroids that are taken orally can lead to serious health conditions such as prostate cancer.

As you can see, the risks are serious and it is easy to understand why steroids have been made illegal in most parts of the  developed world.

Do Legal steroids have side effects?

As legal steroids are created with natural ingredients, you will find they typically come with very few side effects. However, there is still a slight risk. The claims made by legal steroid manufacturers are not always entirely accurate. When they state that their supplements have no side effects, they are basing this on the majority of users who have taken them.

If you search hard enough you will find there are some users who have experienced mild side effects. These can include anything from headaches to diarrhoea. However, compared to actual steroids, the risks are virtually zero.

The majority of users will not experience any side effects at all. As long as you are taking the supplements as it is directed by the manufacturer, your risk of suffering any ill effects will be incredibly low.

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Overall legal steroids are a much safer alternative to actual steroids. As they are taken orally they are simple to add to your daily routine. They do not require a prescription. The only thing to remember is that no two legal steroids are the same. The quality will highly depend upon the brand you choose.

Therefore it is recommended you stick to brands that have an exceptional reputation such as Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk, these two companies are masters in their fields and have many different legal steroids for different stages of your workout or fitness routine.

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