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Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet Program – Our Full Review

Hallo and welcome to review the 3 Week Diet written by Brian Flatt.

As usual, this review will be divided into three main parts:

  1. The fundamental section which will help you to explore all features of 3 Week Diet.
  2. The pluses and minuses part which is consisted of the most crucial positive and negative sides that you should be informed about Brain Flatt’s Schedule.
  3. The finish part where we express our final opinions about this diet program…

Ready? Shall we start!


The Basic

"The 3 Week Diet" Program which is created by Brian Flatt who is a fitness expert and a weight loss consultant is a very popular diet program. To make it clear, it is a full-scale diet program which is created to assist people for reducing weight to 20 pounds in a short time as 21 days without following strict diets plans or doing extreme physical exercises.

Brian Flatt claims that if one follows the directions which he mentions in his program accurately, it is expected to get the results that is listed up below:

* Losing about 12 to 29 pounds of body weight.

* Reducing waistline from 2 to 3 inches.

* Developing a consistent cholesterol profile.

* Enhancing energy level.

* Decreasing cellulite perceptively.

In order to reach these goals, Brian Flatt supplies 4 guides in his 3 Week Diet program.  All manuals should be combined to get the most appropriate results, which are “The Introduction Manual”, “The Diet Manual”, “The Workout Manual” and “The Mindset & Motivational Manual”.

To sum up, we would like to mention the most important things that you will get information in these guides:

  • Efficient solutions and substantial subjects that you should follow to reduce the persistent body fat.
  •  A whole diet program which guide you to lose your weight without giving up your favorite foods.
  • A helpful knowledge about how to calculate your fat ratio and lean mass properly.
  • An orderly plan for losing weight which is completely suitable for your body type and needs.
  • Definite food types you should consume per day and their portions and timing.
  • List of the foods that you should quit to eat in the diet progress.
  • Efficient exercise types that take your time only for 20 minutes a day, 3- 4 days each week.
  • Useful and motivational hints which helps you to continue your diet program.
  • Advices for dietary additions to use in diet program and so on.

It was a brief summary of the 3 Week Diet program. We will talk about both positive and negative sides of Brain Flatt’s program.

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The Pros and Cons of the 3 Week Diet

The Pros

A Whole Diet Program

Losing weight is not just about consuming appropriate food types. You should also take into consideration following a right workout plan and maintaining a healthy mentality to ensure you can follow your diet until you can get results.

Luckily, Brian Flatt recognizes this and his 3 Week Diet Program has 3 parts that examine three features: workout, diet and mental motivation. By following this program, you can get results faster.

Educational and Functional

Brain Flatt offers numerous practical exercise methods and tips for a better health care and losing weight by taking into consideration science behind losing and gaining weight.

Additionally, he also offers individuals adequate helpful advices for specific healthy diet options instead of invalid eating habit. 

Great for Busy People

To be honest, in daily lives people has busy schedules and it makes challenging to apply a healthy diet and workout program.

Luckily, in 3 Week Diet Program prepared by Brain Flatt requires only 20 minutes a day and it only 3 times a week so that everyone can apply it in their daily life without finding their works as an excuse.

 Offers Fast Results

There is a contradictive point by the reason of all experts of fitness and nutrition haven’t got common opinions on fast weight loss of normal individuals. Even so, reducing weight from 12 to 20 pounds in only 20 days is undoubtedly impressive.

When compared to other diet programs on market who offers the same results, the 3 Week Diet has reasonable price for its clients.

A Full Money-back Guarantee

When you purchase 3 Week Diet, it is under refund guarantee for 60 days. As Brain Flatt promises, you can take your money back if you are not satisfied or you didn’t get effective results from it.

That means you can test the 3 Week Diet products for two months without taking any risk. Certainly, Brain Flatt has a great confidence on his program.

The Cons

Lack of Scientific Proof

Even there are several people who have tried and get impressive results from the 3 Week Diet Program, the diet program has not yet been supported scientifically. In our opinion, Brian Flatt should support his program with strong scientific evidences and credible medical experts.

Indefinite Writer Name

After a detailed research on Brian Flatt’s name and his professional background, we couldn’t find sufficient information on internet about him. There is not adequate knowledge to proof his professional career on health and fitness.

However, it doesn’t show that he is not real man, by the reason of many professionals using pen names; he may also use a pen name instead of his real name. Still, we think if the writer adds a brief history about his background as a professional expert, his program would be more reliable.

Only Electronic Edition on Sale

3 Week Diet is designed in eBook format (PDF) and only can be bought online. Even it isn’t a huge problem for most of the people, there is still a problem buying this diet program for those who have slow internet connection and don’t like to read eBooks and.


In Conclusion

Similar to other diet programs, the 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt has both positive and negative sides to consider and it may not be a suitable program for everyone to follow. Still, it ensures a 60 days refund guarantee which is great opportunity for trying the program without risking your money. It is a great plus value when considering its fast effects in just 20 days.

As for us, Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet Program touches on all features of a successful weight loss (diet, workout, and mindset) in both natural and fast way and his system takes the average ration of 8.6/10 from us. If there is enough proof for writer’s identity and scientific evidences to ensure the program’s reliability, our score would be higher. However, we should accept that we reached numerous references which are 100% valid from different people who tried Brain Flatt’s diet program and realized great results in a quite short time as promised.

The program is not created to guide you how to lose weight from 10 to 20 pounds in such a short time as 3 weeks in a theoretical way, but it is planned to adduce you how you can get rid of your weight in practice. 

To sum up, if you are seeking for a safe, healthy, applicable, user friendly and quite fast diet program when compared to other diet programs, it is a great option for you to lose weight without putting too much effort and time on a strict diet and exercise.

That is all we would like to say in this review of 3 Week Diet review. We wish this post is helpful for you with a great sincerity and also wish you will achieve a heathy and fit look as you’ve been dreaming about as soon as possible… best wishes!

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