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Can Green Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight? Sounds Suspect!



People use all types of different programs, diets, shakes, drinks and supplements to help them lose weight and become healthier. Results are not always easy to achieve especially when we start to get a little older and our body processes begin to slow down a bit. It might be easy to lose and gain weight quickly for a very select few individuals who happen to be blessed with extremely unique metabolisms and natural gifts, but the rest of us usually need a little help.

Our need for help is part of the reason the weight loss industry ranks among the largest on the globe and is responsible for billions of dollars in revenue. However, not only do most people need help, they also desire quick results. Most people do not enjoy the idea of dieting and working out for ten months only to lose two or three pounds.

The Desire for Fast Weight Loss Results

The desire for faster results means many people are constantly looking for weight loss solutions that are better than the one they are currently using. In fact, the issue really spans a much broader scope than just finding a weight loss product or supplement that is “better”. Often times people need a solution that really works! It’s no secret there is a long list of weight loss products that do not exactly meet the standards of excellence, and that is putting it kindly.

Right along with smoothies, shakes, teas and many other supplements, green coffee is touted as an effective weight loss supplement. Of course, the question with any weight loss product is, does it really work. It can be difficult to tell fact from fiction sometimes with all the marketing and other junk that is spread all over the internet. We thought we would have a quick look at green coffee and see what we could find out about how effective it really is for losing weight.

Green Coffee Extract

Coffee comes from seeds which are normally roasted and then ground up to make the various flavors of coffee many of us enjoy. The first distinguishing characteristic of green coffee is it also comes from seeds, but they are not roasted. Thus, the term “green” in its name.

When you see the term “green coffee”, it most often refers to green coffee extract. Green coffee extract is pressed from the unroasted coffee seeds and used in a variety of products and supplements. In fact, Starbucks even serves drinks that are made with green coffee extract.


Green Coffee and Caffeine

Green coffee contains many of the same properties as any coffee does such as containing caffeine. Caffeine has been studied many times throughout the decades and appropriate levels of caffeine can help you lose weight. Caffeine speeds up your metabolism and the digestive process, but that does not account for most of the results in terms of weight loss. Most of the weight loss associated with caffeine is actually due to a general level of increased energy and alertness.


When you drink green coffee or regular coffee and feel the energy boost from the caffeine, then you are much more likely to stay disciplined with your diet and workout program. Obviously, the better you feel and more energy you have, the easier it is to stay on track.

Additionally, green coffee extract actually contains less caffeine than regular coffee does, somewhere between 20%-30% less. Therefore, if the combination of green coffee and its caffeine was a magic weight loss solution, then you would think regular coffee with more caffeine would be the ultimate magic weight loss solution, right?


So Does It Work?

While it is not due to the caffeine, green coffee does help people lose weight. However, it is due to the Chlorogenic Acid contained within the extract that does most of the heavy lifting. Chlorogenic Acid helps the body to block and break down fat in various ways and helps improve the digestive system processes.

Green coffee and Chlorogenic Acid have still not been studied enough to have conclusive results that eliminate all doubt, but many of the recent studies point to this as the driver behind losing weight with green coffee. Additionally, how much green coffee improves weight loss results is still largely in question. Some studies claim only a few percentage points while others make claims of 30% improvements or even more.

The bottom line is green coffee does appear to help you lose weight, but it will take a few more years before we know exactly how effective it is in improving results versus other products. However, if you are trying to lose weight it certainly would not hurt to include green coffee in your program, in fact, will help at least a small amount if not more. Let’s face it; most of us need all the help we can get!

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