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The Air-Purifying Properties of Indoor Plants


Studies from prestigious schools and universities and even NASA themselves have conducted a study on indoor plants abilities to clean air.  It is confirmed that they indeed do, they do not only convert carbon dioxide to oxygen but also filter out organic toxins or volatile organic compounds(VOCs). The thing is …

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Moringa sometimes referred to as “miracle tree” is a popular medicinal food of the world. Different species of moringa are found in africa all the way through to southeast asia.
In the Philippines it is called malunggay and is put in many soup type dishes. The most common of the species …

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Cost Effective Ways to Combat Depression


With the economy still on a downhill trend, it’s no wonder that a lot of people fall prey to depression, not to mention that this mental disorder is relatively expensive to treat. If you’re suffering from depression, there are still some ways that may help you feel better which won’t …

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Best Treatments for Chapped Lips


Chapped lips can occur without warning and although this is not really a life threatening situation, it can be a cause for embarrassment to some. Among the symptoms of dry and chapped lips are cracking, redness, flaking, sores, and tenderness just to name a few. If not treated immediately, your …

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Fight Stress with Essential Oils


Stress is always part of our daily lives. From our house to our work, to dealing with our families and friends, we get stressed from time to time. Although stress can be handled by many, there are those who are suffering from severe stress which is one of the reasons …

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Why Drinking Tea is Better than Coffee


Most people need to have their daily cup of Joe to function but did you know that drinking tea can actually provide you with more health benefits? Decades ago, tea was the go to drink by many but with the appearance of coffee, tea has been pushed aside. Nowadays, it …

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