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Cat’s Whiskers Health and Beauty Benefits

Cat's Whiskers Health

Whether you adore those furry and purring feline cuties or not, you will surely love cat’s whiskers — the herb which is named as such because the stamens of its flowers do resemble hairs that project from the snouts of cats. Although cat’s whiskers can be regarded as an ornamental …

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5 Ways to Look Younger


The march of time is inevitable but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything regarding looking older than your years. Most people do facial lifts and surgeries to prevent their skins from sagging but these procedures can be quite expensive and painful at times. Fortunately, you don’t have to …

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Benefits of Rose Hip Oil on Your Face


It’s true that there are hundreds of beauty products to choose from nowadays that can help you maintain that youthful looking skin but most of them tend to have some chemical compounds that are actually harmful to your health. Most of us turn to skin care products that contain shea …

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Unusual Beauty Tips that Actually Work


Women just can’t help but look for beauty tips that will help them retain their smooth and young looking skin free from blemishes. Most make do with the same old tricks when it comes to their beauty regimen but there are more beauty hacks that are worth trying out too. …

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Bloodroot Health and Beauty Benefits


A wildflower that’s native to the woodlands of Nova Scotia and Eastern US, bloodroot got its name from the fact that its roots have bright red-colored sap. A lot of tribes use it for painting their faces and dying fabrics and baskets. Other parts of bloodroot are utilized as well …

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