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fitness and weight loss

Workout with Weights Training

Weights Training

Getting fit and healthy is possible. It’s just a matter of eating right and challenging your muscles to rev up your metabolism. When your metabolism is running smoothly, you will find that your body won’t be storing too much fat and that your weight will be at the right number. …

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The Daily Morning Core Workout

Core Workout

Our core plays an important role in our day-to-day movements but nowadays it seems that we are forgetting to give it its much needed love. The problem with most of our fitness routines is that they are often centered on our arms and legs only that we often skip our …

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Superb Exercises During the Holidays

Superb Exercises

The Holidays are coming and the bulge is not far behind. Even during the festive season when laughter and food come aplenty, it’s still important to get your regular dose of exercise. Otherwise, you may spend the early half of the following year – or even its entirety – trying …

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The Power of Hiking

Power of Hiking

Being physically fit has its perks to our overall health. For one thing, it protects us against various diseases, ensures that our heart is working fine, strengthens the muscles, and banish stress. Staying fit is not just limited to working out in the gym, because even the simplest activities like …

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