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Winter Hair Care Tips for More Beautiful Hair


The winter months are slowly approaching and with them come the cheerful holidays, making snow angels and snowmen in the backyard. However, as much as you would like to take advantage of the falling snow to make your yard more interesting to look at, the cold, biting wind can damage …

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Surprising Reasons You Could Be Losing Your Hair


Throughout history there has been certain importance to hair. In Egypt it was considered as a woman’s crowning glory and was an important aspect of ancient warriors in japan. Today, we still put importance in our hair, but mostly for aesthetic reasons. We make sure that our hair is healthy, …

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All about Frizzy Hair


Do you have frizzy hair? Frizzy hair can be cause by several things, it could be that you are born with that hair, it’s been damaged because of hair treatments and your hair type. There are solutions available to keep frizzy hair at bay. Just follow the steps below to …

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