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Health Benefits of Sucanat Sugar

Sucanat Sugar

All of us have heard about the health dangers posed by refined sugar. Perhaps you have also read or heard somewhere that artificial sweeteners are bad for you either. So what can you use for sweetening foods and beverages other than honey or maple syrup, both of which often recommended …

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Health Benefits of Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

Oregon grape – no, it’s not grapes from Oregon. In fact, it is not at all related to grapes that everybody loves snacking on. The one being talked about there is a type of herb which is revered by so many because of the numerous health benefits it offers, and …

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Rice Milk: Pros and Cons of Drinking It

Rice Milk

Experts say that rice milk is the third most preferred alternative to cow’s milk, right next soy and almond milk. So if you are on the hunt for something that’s a wonderful replacement for the real thing, then consider getting your hands on a carton of rice milk and then …

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Health Benefits of Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

The coconut tree has bestowed humanity with all sorts of gifts, and two of the most popular ones among individuals who are health conscious include coconut water and coconut oil. Did you know that there is also coconut sugar on today’s market? Continue reading to get yourself acquainted with this …

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Weight Loss Tips during Pregnancy

Weight Loss Tips during Pregnancy

Weight gain is inevitable when you are pregnant as your body changes to accommodate the growing baby inside of you. However, if you have gained weight too fast, or are already overweight by the time you got pregnant, you will need to take steps to bring down your weight to …

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Health Benefits of Lotus Root

Lotus Root

We all know how the lotus flower plays an important part in culture and religion. Did you know that below each and every beautiful bloom is a root that can be consumed as a vegetable? This article will get you acquainted with lotus root and the many health benefits it’s …

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Herbal Teas That Help Regulate Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Did you know that the number one killer across the globe is heart disease? One of the things that can increase your risk of having it is high blood pressure. This article will get you acquainted with some herbal teas that are scientifically-proven to help in regulating your blood pressure. …

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Health Benefits of Eating Chicken Feet

Eating Chicken Feet

When it comes to eating chicken, a lot of people opt for the breast because it is the healthiest part, according to nutrition experts. But did you know that they also say that the feet of chicken are also very good for you? Continue reading to learn why the consumption …

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