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Signs That You May Have Lactose Intolerance


Lactose intolerance is said to be often misdiagnosed, which means that it is a condition that is often mistaken for something else. You may be suffering from it, but it’s not unlikely for your doctor to think otherwise. So what is lactose intolerance exactly? Someone who has it lacks an …

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Diet Recommendations for Psoriasis


People with psoriasis react differently to different forms of treatment for the chronic skin disease. Other than conventional solutions, there are also natural remedies available for psoriasis. While it’s true that there is currently no ultimate science-backed diet recommended for psoriasis, a lot of individuals with it reported success in …

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Winter Hair Care Tips for More Beautiful Hair


The winter months are slowly approaching and with them come the cheerful holidays, making snow angels and snowmen in the backyard. However, as much as you would like to take advantage of the falling snow to make your yard more interesting to look at, the cold, biting wind can damage …

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Different Uses of Mandarin Essential Oil


Mandarins are small citrus fruits that are smaller that oranges and taste sweeter, too! Just like what they are called suggests, mandarins originated in China where it was consumed as food and used for medicinal purposes. The peels of these fruits yield mandarin essential oil that smells sweet and offers …

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