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Effective Home Remedies for a Side Stitch

Side Stitch

Have you heard of exercise-related transient abdominal pain or ETAP? That’s just some fancy name for a side stitch, which is something that can bug you whenever you are engaging in vigorous physical activities, most especially running and jumping. It’s not a fun thing because of the cramping or stabbing …

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Get Help with Depression with Natural Remedies


Depression is not a laughing matter with millions of people affected by it. Adults are not the only ones who are plagued by this emotional struggle as children can have them too. Doctors tend to prescribe medication to alleviate depression and anxiety attacks but there are other alternatives that can …

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Ayurvedic Remedies for PMS


Do you encounter all sorts of nasty symptoms before and during your period? All of those unfavorable things you tend to experience on a monthly basis can be summed up into three letters: PMS. Short for premenstrual syndrome, PMS usually starts bugging a woman like you a week before her …

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Natural Remedies for Chills


When your body senses that it’s cold, it attempts to increase its temperature by causing the muscles to contract and relax in rapid successions. This is exactly the reason why you shiver when exposed to low temperatures. You also get chills when there is an ongoing infection within. Your body …

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