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List of Vitamins and Minerals Ideal for Men

Vitamins and Minerals Ideal for Men

We all know how important it is to get vitamins and minerals into our system to help keep our body functioning at 100%, but with the kind of lifestyle that we are following, we are definitely missing several important nutrients that put us at risk of health issues. As a …

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Medicinal Properties of Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise

Grains of heaven – its own title is often sufficient to earn a great deal of heads turn towards its leadership. If you're already interested by this herb then keep reading. The plant by which grains of heaven comes bears the exact same name. In fact, it's a part of …

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Medicinal Properties of Sumac


No, the one that's going to be discussed in this article is not poison sumac, but the spice that is extremely widely used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. If you are intrigued by this, then continue reading – under you will learn more about sumac, particularly the amazing medicinal …

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Medicinal Properties of Mahlab


There is an herb called mahlab, and it bears cherry-shaped fruits. The said fruits have seeds, and inside those seeds are kernels that are ground and used as a spice. Continue reading to know about mahlab spice, which is very popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, as well as …

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Medicinal Benefits of Khat


You are reading this article because you probably have heard from a friend or co-worker about an herb called khat and its ability to cause euphoria. Well, you have come to the right place because this article will get you acquainted with this particular herb, which is actually prohibited in …

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Cashew Milk: Pros and Cons of Consuming It

Cashew Milk

No matter if you’re a vegetarian, intolerant to lactose or you just want to limit your consumption of fat or calories, there are plenty of milk alternatives to choose from these days. Cashew milk is one of the many options you have, and reading this article will allow you to …

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Medicinal Benefits of Summer Savory

Summer Savory

Summer savory is an aromatic culinary herb that can be used fresh or dried. However, in some parts of the planet, it is more commonly used as a medicinal herb rather than for cooking. This article will get you acquainted with summer savory, in particular the many health benefits it …

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Medicinal Benefits of Velvet Leaf Plant

Velvet Leaf Plant

Despite of what it’s called, no one really likes to spot any velvet leaf plant around. That’s because it is regarded as an agricultural pest, able to multiply at a very fast rate courtesy of the thousands of horseshoe-shaped seeds that it’s capable of producing. However, velvet leaf plant offers …

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