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Cellulite Disappear Review – Say Goodbye To Cellulite In Just 22 Days?

For many men and women, the presence of cellulite is a very real and embarrassing issue that makes them feel uncomfortable going outside in shorts or wearing a swimsuit at the beach or pool. As so many people have discovered, the real cause of cellulite has nothing to do with your weight, how much you exercise, or even your genetics.

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cellulite-disappear-reviewCellulite can affect even people who are relatively slim. Products such as topical gels and creams promise to eradicate the orange-peel appearance of cellulite but in reality accomplish little.

A groundbreaking program recently released by Dr. Helen Kirshner, an endocrinologist, promises to delve into the real cause of cellulite and show you how to get rid of it once and for all.

According to Dr. Kirshner, the real cause of cellulite is buried beneath your skin and is something that most people would never expect. Her program, Cellulite Disappear, is based on clinical research performed by a team of award-winning scientists in a leading research lab in Switzerland.

With this program, men and women suffering from the appearance of cellulite can take action immediately in the comfort of their own home. The program is based on inexpensive ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets and does not require special dieting, visiting the gym, or using ineffective creams.



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A Deeper Look At Cellulite Disappear

Most people assume that cellulite is the result of being overweight or even the aging process and there is little they can do about. From about the age of 25, most men and women will begin to see some type of cellulite. Research indicates this is the result of a natural decrease in the amount of estrogen within the body.

As the body’s estrogen levels decrease, the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the skin also decreases. At the same time, the production of collagen begins to decline, as well. According to research published by the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, the influence of the hormone estrogen on multiple body systems has been significantly documented.

Estrogen is responsible for preventing the decrease of collagen within the body. Collagen comprises chords known as septae that run through the skin to the layer of muscles. Septae are responsible for holding everything together.



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The weight loss industry has convinced consumers that expanding fat cells are the primary issue related to collagen. Instead, research has found that shrinking collagen septae are actually responsible for cellulite, as a result of a decrease in estrogen. As septae begin to shrink, they create an effect in which fat begins to bulge from the skin.

Dr. Kirshner’s program is based on growing collagen septae back to their original size, which in turns smooths and flattens skin. This is precisely why collagen creams and gels are completely ineffective. They only have an effect on the skin rather than the actual collagen septae.

Further research from the International IGF Research Society found that insulin-like growth factor I is capable of enhancing collagen synthesis in engineered human tendon tissue. This means that the IGF-1 protein, a protein that all men and women have, is capable of building and growing septae, making it possible to reverse the effects of cellulite and even eliminating the root cause of it.

The IGF-1 protein is one that is already produced in the human body. Dr. Kirshner’s program is based on ramping up the body’s production of this protein safely and naturally. Increasing the body’s production of IGF-1 protein helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the collagen septae, which reverses cellulite and even reverses it from your body.



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According to Dr. Kirshner, it’s possible to reverse cellulite with the use of several common ingredients, including lycopene, which is found in almost all red fruits, such as papaya and tomatoes. Hyaluronic acid, another vital ingredient, can be found in many types of beans. Genistein might sound exotic, but it can be found in soy products.

Every item necessary to follow the Cellulite Disappear program can be found in your local grocery store. In fact, many of the items required by the program can be found in multiple foods, which makes it possible to take advantage of a collection of different combinations, keeping the program flexible and interesting, while achieving the same result.

Cellulite Disappear is a 3-week plan that does not require you to completely alter your diet or starve yourself. Instead, you are simply adding specific foods in specific quantities to your diet. The program is safe, simple, and easy to understand. According to Dr. Kirshner, you could begin seeing the results you desire in as little as 14 days.

In another seven days, your cellulite could be completely eradicated permanently. Dr. Kirshner states there is no need to continue following the plan after three weeks, as your body’s production of IGF-1 protein will have been increased to the maximum level.

Who Is Dr. Helen Kirshner?

The author of Cellulite Disappear is Dr. Helen Kirshner, an endocrinologist from Middletown, Ohio. After Dr. Kirshner struggled for years to eradicate her own cellulite, she reached out to a renowned physician in Switzerland who was performing groundbreaking research to research the direct cause of cellulite rather than the symptoms and effects.

cellulite-disappear-is-dr-helen-kirshnerWhat’s Included With The Cellulite Disappear Program

Along with everything you need to follow the 3-week program for ramping up your body’s IGF-1 protein production to get rid of your cellulite, Dr. Kirshner also includes some bonus items. Among them is the Detox Miracle guide that shows you how to avoid getting a toxin build up in your body, which could make you chronically ill.

This guide details dieting, body-flushing, addiction and treatment strategies, natural detoxification, and provides all of the processes, procedures, and products that actually work. She also discusses the unexpected toxins that are present in your foods, environment, household goods, and clothing.

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In addition, you receive the 7-Day Energy Turbo Booster. This guide reveals simple tricks and tips you can use to boost your energy in just seven days.

Pros and Cons

Cellulite Disappear offers a number of benefits, particularly for men and women who have tried practically everything, including expensive creams and treatments that did little to nothing to get rid of the presence of cellulite. There is no need to go on a strict diet, head out to the gym, or spend a lot of money on expensive or hard-to-find ingredients.

Everything you need to follow the program is included in the guide and the ingredients are common, everyday items. You can also follow the program in the comfort and privacy of your own home. According to Dr. Kirshner, you simply need to follow the program for three weeks to permanently get rid of your cellulite.

This means you don’t have to make a completely lifestyle change and stick with the program for the rest of your life to continue enjoying the same results.

Once you purchase the program, the information is made available immediately. You can access it 24 hours a day on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. So, if you happen to be traveling, you can still easily access the information you need to continue with the program without having to drag a heavy book around with you. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait to receive the information in the mail.

The program is backed by scientific research, which is reassuring. If you’re concerned that the program might not completely get rid of your cellulite within 3 weeks, which does seem to be a bit short of a time-frame, Dr. Kirshner offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If the program doesn’t work for you, she will refund your entire purchase price.

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Cellulite Disappear Review Conclusion​

Cellulite Disappear is based on solid scientific research and backed by testimonials from men and women who have used it with successful results. The money back guarantee makes it a solution that is definitely worth trying.

If you get a chance I highly recommend you check out the official Cellulite Disappear website to learn how to get rid of cellulite asap.


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