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Crazy Bulk Review – Is it the King of Legal Steroids?



We have received many Crazy Bulk reviews and user feedback that are mainly positive with users claiming the product supplied by Crazy Bulk have helped them gain mass when bulking, definition when cutting and endurance in many other sports.

With Crazy Bulk being such a popular supplier of legal steroids many companies and individuals have been writing Crazy Bulk reviews which have become distorted and only only concentrating on the good points and leaving out the side effects and real user reviews.

Below you will find out everything you need to know in this Crazy Bulk review from ingredients, side effects, success rates and what you can expect from its many individual legal steroids and stacks it has to offer.


What are the overall effectiveness of this product at enhancing a body builders stamina, muscle growth, strength and its fat burning ability?


About the company

Crazy Bulk are a UK/US based company that offer a wide range of anabolic legal steroid alternatives. The products they have created are designed to replicate the effects once only experienced from powerful but dangerous anabolic type steroids.

Each of the formulas used in its natural legal steroids range have been created after many years of research and testing. There is something for every aspect of body building from cutting, bulking to most sort enhancement you’ll find something to suit your needs even if you are a pro r novice in the body building world.

Benefits and features of Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk have some great features that have helped to make it a popular option among users, these include:

  1. All of its supplements are created with 100% natural and safe ingredients
  2. Gain impressive muscle mass, power, stamina and strength
  3. Fast results, with some users boasting gains after 2 weeks
  4. FREE delivery for customers in the US and European countries
  5. Enables more intense workouts and reduced recovery times
  6. 100% legal so no need to worry about drug tests
  7. Informative website to help you make the most from your gym time

How legitimate are Crazy Bulk Supplements?

One of the main things you need to be careful of when buying supplements and legal steroids on the internet is how legitimate they are. Sadly a lot of companies have dived into the body building supplement industry purely to make as much money as they can. They delivery ineffective and sometimes harmful products which often come at really cheap prices.


These products are generally under dosed and offer nothing in the way of helping body builders achieve their cycle goals!


Stacking and special offers

The stacks have been designed to offer the most significant cycle benefits. However, these are also significantly higher in cost. A good way to get around this is to take advantage of the company’s ‘Buy 2 get 1 free‘ offer. These offers seem to be long running and will save you quite a lot of money if you are planning on stacking up products to get the full benefits of Crazy Bulk’s range of stacks.


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The good news is Crazy Bulk is not one of these companies. It has been supplying these fantastic legal steroids for a few years now and have great user reviews and feedback of their gains and success.

Will I experience side effects?

No matter which Crazy Bulk legal steroids you choose, they each come with a very limited chance of side effects. It cannot be guaranteed you won’t experience mild effects. Most customers don’t experience any negative or detrimental health effects. But we have had some reports of:

  1. Mild stomach aches
  2. Mild headaches

Although these are very mild compared to anabolic type steroids you still need to keep an eye on these if they occur. Reports and reviews we have received suggest these side effects stop within a few days and are not a common occurrence amongst users.


Do not take these legal steroids if:

  1. Pregnant or breast feeding
  2. Suffer from any underlying medical conditions

If you are concerned or not sure about Taking Crazy Bulk legal steroids then consult a health professional or your own doctor before you start using them to check!

How quickly can I expect to see results?

All of the products in the Crazy Bulk range have been proven to achieve super-fast results. Whilst many customers have reported seeing great results within a couple of weeks, the company does advise that it can take up to 2 months. However, very few people have reported experiencing no benefits at all for over 2 weeks.

BUT.. Effort needs to be used when building muscle eat healthy and continue to do your usual lifts, reps and cardiovascular workouts, alternatively exercise plans and stacking cycles can be found on the crazy bulk website.

Final review and thoughts

All in all Crazy Bulk is one of the best, most reliable suppliers of Legal steroids available to you online. It may have started out as a mere shadow to Crazy Mass, but it has definitely now become a leading player in its own right with unique products and natural ingredients.

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Take a look at the different products on offer and consider taking advantage of the offer available if you want to save money when stacking products within your own body building cycle.

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