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The Curve Ball Effect Total Body Review – Drop 1-2 Pounds in 24 Hours With A 30-Second Trick?

Here’s our review of Dr. Kathryn Harney’s Curve Ball Effect Total Body program. For many men and women, it just doesn’t seem to matter how much time they spend in the gym working out or how much they exercise. They still cannot lose weight. A new program is offering hope to people to continually struggle to lose weight regardless of continual exercise and dieting.

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This program is based on learning how to shut off a hidden genetic switch that makes it nearly impossible for people over the age of 30 to burn fat and lose weight. Using a simple 30-second trick, this program shows you how to get a flatter belly in just 24 hours.

The Curve-Ball Effect Total Body reveals a hidden biological balance known as physical homeostasis. According to the author of The Curve-Ball Effect, this homeostasis must be turned off in order to reverse trouble zone fat storing, a problem that millions of men and women over the of 30 struggle with.

Physical homeostasis is a balance that must be changed. An overload must be added in order for fat loss and fitness to progress. To lose weight, you must learn how to turn off your physical homeostasis. In many ways, it’s a resistance to change.

As most men and women know, it’s common to fall into a plateau once you have been doing the same reps, sets, and exercises for a while. Your body adapts and stop progressing. Basically, you have to throw your body a curve ball and that is what Dr. Kathryn Harney’s Curve-Ball Effect Total Body program sets out to do.

Curve Ball Effect Total Body Review: What’s The Deal?
Curve Ball Effect Total Body
The body is continually storing fat. This is particularly true around the trouble zones. What most people do not realize is that they possess a hidden genetic switch that can be used to alter their physical homeostasis.

Once you learn how to do that, you can begin burning pockets of fat even around your most troubled areas.

It doesn’t really matter how much time and effort you put into exercising or even how many low carb or starvation diets you go on. You will likely experience the same problems. Simply put, you will never be able to lose weight as quickly as you would like until you learn how to turn off your physical homeostasis.

Once you learn how to activate the Curve Ball Effect, you can begin to finally eliminate the unwanted fat in your trouble zones. You can do so without needing to go on a starvation diet or spending hours in the gym.

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Most people never realize that a workout routine can actually lead to inevitable weight gain. Sadly, many people think that repeating the same workout routine again and again is the secret to losing weight. In fact, having a routine can actually cause your fat cells to adapt quickly.

After just one week of a workout routine, the physical homeostasis process has already begin and you can begin slipping into a weight loss plateau. This means you will no longer see visible results. Once you stop seeing visible results in your weight loss efforts, there’s an even greater chance that you will quit trying.

Curve Ball Effect Total Body review

Furthermore, did you know that isolation weight training makes it nearly impossible to lose weight? Isolation weight training works by isolating muscle groups in order to train them by themselves. Consequently, you use much lower amounts of resistance.

In turn, this means there is not nearly as much consistent progression. The potential for fat loss becomes nearly impossible. You might even notice that your problem areas look worse.

Cardio is not only long and boring, but it can also destroy your metabolism. Additionally, cardio workouts are extremely stressful and can attack your thyroid and cause your cortisol levels to soar. This results in distress signals within your body being activated, causing your metabolism to begin eating away at itself and actually pushing fat into your fat cells. Your heart can also become weakened.

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Curve Ball Effect Total Body book

Yet, most people continue to work out using cardio, regular routines, and isolation training. This is precisely why they are not obtaining the results they want. It’s not because you are not working out enough or because you lack willpower. It’s simply that you are taking the wrong approach and relying on myths that have been propounded for years, according to the author of The Curve Ball Effect.

The Curve Ball Effect works to increasing your resting biological balance that takes place for up to 48 hours after you exercise. This means you can continue losing fat and weight for up to 48 hours even after you have stopped exercising. Even better, this session can be done in just a few minutes using only your bodyweight. If you have a busy schedule, this will certainly be welcome news.

One of the most common reasons that many people give for not exercising regularly is that they simply do not have time. With The Curve Ball Effect, as long as you have a few minutes in the morning or in the afternoon, you can begin losing weight.

The system is based on patterns of 30-second exercises that can be accomplished in just a few minutes a couple of times per week. Since you are using your own body weight, you do not need any special equipment. You can perform these workout sessions anywhere, which makes them great for people who are busy or who travel frequently.

Another common reason why many people give up on exercising is that it’s boring and they stop seeing results. This is not a problem with The Curve Ball Effect. This program offers a variety of never before seen workouts and exercises that will shock your body and basically throw it a curve ball so that you continue to see results.

According to the author, it’s the only 14-day total body tightening and toning blueprint for men and women.

Who Is Dr. Kathryn Harney – Bryan Harney
Dr. Kathryn Harney Bryan Harney
The author of The Curve Ball Effect is Dr. Kathryn Harney and her husband Bryan Harney. In addition to having her doctor, Dr. Harney is a certified nutritionist.

She and her husband also run a popular fitness website and have helped thousands of people transform their bodies. They have also created four highly acclaimed fitness and nutritional programs.

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What’s Included With The Curve-Ball Effect

The Curve-Ball Effect features follow-along DVD videos that allow you to start and end at your own pace. Regardless of the fitness level you may be at, this system offers up to three modifications for each exercise within the program. You receive detailed coaching in the videos to ensure you are performing the workouts properly.

Curve Ball Effect Total Body pdf
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You also receive the 14-Day Fat Loss Accelerator Workout Calendar. This calendar shows you precisely which days to perform each of the 10 to 20-minute workouts in the program so you don’t have to worry about second-guessing which days you should do which workouts. Everything is already figured out for you so that you can work out anywhere and at any time in only 10 to 20 minutes.

The Curve-Ball Effect Exercise Video Library includes all of the easy-to-follow exercise instructional videos. With this set, you can watch the entire thing or just work on the exercises you have not yet mastered. You’ll also receive access to expert fitness trainers on your time.


Pros and Cons

For men and women who are looking to shake things up a bit and introduce some variety into their workouts, The Curve-Ball Effect could be just what they need. You do not need to purchase any special equipment and the exercises can be performed anywhere and at any time, which makes this program great for people who are busy.

The fact that the author of the program has a doctorate and is a certified nutritionist is quite reassuring. She also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If there is a downside, it’s that all materials are digital, so there are no hard copies, but this also means there is no shipping costs involved.

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The Curve Ball Effect Review Conclusion

The Curve Ball Effect makes a lot of sense and offers a way to introduce variety into a workout routine that just may not be delivering the results you desire. The authors behind the product are credible and have a number of testimonials which is more than a lot of the programs I review. You can check out all of the transformations on this website…

Curve Ball Effect Total Body discount

And with a money-back guarantee, this program ensures you have nothing to lose. If you’re interested in learning more about The Curve-Ball Effect than I recommend you check out the official website. It has a lot of information that you might find useful and informative.


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