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“Dentist Be Damned!” By Alice Barnes – Full Review

Dentist Be DamnedDentist Be Damned is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself health program that is formulated to help you solve teeth problems from the root cause. It promises to ensure that you have a great smile, and also that you permanently eliminate toothaches using safe and natural remedies composed of easily-available ingredients. Designed by Alice Barnes, it offers specific and comprehensive information about various aspects of a person’s oral healthcare, and how to live without ever having to visit dentists again.

In the Dentist Be Damned program, Alice asserts that she is an ordinary person and not a dental hygienist or even a dentist. Like many people, she has an extreme phobia of dentists due to her harrowing experiences with them. As a result she turned to alternative treatments like using tobacco,chili peppers,common painkillers and olive oil to stop her toothaches and avoid visiting her dentist.

Alice goes on to explain how it is unfortunate that such alternative treatments ended up addressing only the pain, but not the underlying problem-which is bacterial infection. This made her start experimenting, researching and recording the results of treatments that focused on the root causes of toothaches and ways of eliminating the problem for good.

Dentist Be Damned Details

The techniques and detailed information put together by Alice Barnes in the course of her research are available in the Dentist Be Damned guide. In short, here are some of the vital aspects you will learn from the guide:

  • A straightforward routine that permanently treats and prevents cavities.
  • The technique that both stops the pain of toothaches and also eliminates bacterial infection, which is the fundamental cause.
  • The real truth behind women’s predisposition to developing cavities, fluorosis in children and the connection between pregnancy and cavities.
  • Details about a special supplement that is formulated to help fight unsightly teeth plaque and result in a person having a radiant smile.
  • An extensive list of teeth whiteners that will make your teeth enamel weak and enhance the risk of developing problems like cavities, oral cancer, teeth sensitivity, gum disease and receding gum line.
  • Information relating to cavity-causing agents that are found in most toothpastes, mouthwashes, tooth-friendly sweets and various dental products.
  • Useful advice that will assist you to understand how pregnant mothers transfer cavity-causing germs to their babies who are presumably resistant to cavities.
  • Useful information about probiotics which are great for your digestive system but harmful to your teeth.
  • A very potent ingredient that can eliminate cavity-producing bacteria for good so you will never experience dental problems ever again.
  • Techniques of preventing gum recession and regaining healthy gums.
  • The horrible truth about flossing.

It is pertinent to note that Alice Barnes has also enclosed two added bonus guides in the package:

  • A guide on how to cure and prevent painful canker sores permanently.
  • A guide on how to eliminate bad breath.

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  • The first and probably the major advantage of the Dentist Be Damned program is that the author used very simple, easy-to-follow guidelines for her audience. This makes it possible for a wide range of people to download and use the program to the later without much difficulty in understanding and making proper use of the content.
  • The program also contains more than five top-notch insights on effective ways of taking care of teeth problems without visiting a dentist. People with teeth problems who find it dreary to wait in line at dental care hospitals will find the tips discussed highly useful.
  • Expert insights on whether or not you should floss is not only useful to people with teeth problems, but can also apply to the general masses. This gives the program an upper hand over other dental health write-ups that only focus on patients with severe teeth conditions.
  • Another great benefit of the program is the list of ingredients that are useful for maintenance of healthy dental formula. For example, when the author speaks about ingredients that can totally eliminate cavity-causing bacteria from your mouth or other ingredients that are common in toothpaste, mouthwash and tooth-friendly candies that can cause dangerous cavities to your tooth structure, there is an instantaneous feeling by the users that the eBook was worth downloading.
  • The program also moves out of the tradition by coming up with dentist-free solutions that makes it easier for the members of the society who do not prefer scientific methods used by dental experts when dealing with teeth problems. And what is amazing is that users also learn select ways to treat the cause of toothaches without using over-the-counter remedies prescribed by dentists.


  • The Dentist Be Damned program is only available in eBook, video and audio formats. This makes it difficult for people without access to the internet to get copies. Perhaps the creator of the program should consider publishing a solid book for such special clients.
  • The focus of the Dentist Be Damned program is to provide effective guidelines for development of healthy dental and oral systems. This might take weeks or even months for the results to be noticed. Users looking for quick fixes to teeth problems might find the program unsuitable.


To sum up, the Dentist Be Damned program is worth it if you are apprehensive about visiting the dentist. It gives detailed, effective and interesting information regarding good dental hygiene regardless of whether or not you have teeth and gum problems or not.

There are many positive online reviews about the program. It is however not a magic bullet for people who want fast results and can afford to spend money on the procedures they require.On the other hand, if you want to naturally, affordable and effectively rectify various dental problems, this program is tailor-made for you. Using the Dentist Be Damned program, you can have the teeth, smile and the dental vibrancy and health you desire without undergoing the trauma of visiting a dentist. In addition, if you are unhappy with it, you get a full refund of your money within 60 days. Taking all these factors into account, the Dentist Be Damned program is worth a try.

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