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Fat Burning Bible Review – Eliminate Weird Gut Bacteria Making You Fat?

The fat burning bible, eh? With summer ending and the winter months fast approaching, I was on a desperate search for a fat burning program to keep my not-so-summer-worthy body from getting worse, with the ultimate goal of getting a summer-ready body for next year.

There’s this common theory that our bodies pack on some weight during the winter. Whether it’s to keep us warmer or because we aren’t as active during the colder seasons, I really didn’t want to test this theory out. So, I got started with the Fat Burning Bible in hopes of finding a healthy program that can fight off the winter weight while also getting rid of the extra pounds I’ve already packed on…

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And what better way to do just that than with a program that has made headlines in USA Today, The Washington Post, the Scientific American and the Guardian. Here’s what I found out.


What’s The Fat Burning Bible?

The Fat Burning Bible shows you that your weight gain has nothing to do with calories. Thank goodness, because I’m not a fan of counting calories and there’s no way in hell (pun intended) that I was going to start doing it now.

It also shows you that weight gain has nothing to do with what time you’re eating, and that it really comes down to the health of your gut.

It’s a 100% natural program, so no gimmicks and nonsense, which I’m always a fan of. It’s all about a breakthrough method that focuses on eliminating a bacteria called Firmicutes, which many of us have too much of in our gut.


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This bacteria basically deposits calories as fat, instead of energy. Thus, you pack on more pounds than you should be. The Fat Burning Bible focuses on decreasing the amount of Firmicutes you have, and adding in more Bacteroidetes, which is a slimming bacteria. But how, you ask? A high-fiber diet is all you need, or so they say.

You’ve probably heard of probiotics in food, such as yogurt but it’s the prebiotics that can burn off fat. They’re non-digestible carbohydrates that come from fiber, and they help increase the slimming bacteria while eliminating the bad. It can be found in onions, asparagus, garlic, beans, bananas and several others, which you learn in the program.

So basically, the Fat Burning Bible can be summed up as being a healthy diet regime.

What Comes With The Fat Burning Bible?

The Fat Burning Bible is a comprehensive book that has everything you need to decrease the poor gut bacteria that is causing you to gain weight. More importantly, it has everything you need to get the good gut flora going to burn off that fat.

It has a complete recipe guide and meal plan consisting of 21 easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By following the recipes, you’ll be swapping out the bad ingredients for the good ones, and killing off the bacteria that is causing weight gain.

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When you order the Fat Burning Bible, you get two added bonuses.

The first one is the Foods that Make You Fat. It’s an e-book, which you can access instantly, and it teaches you about the foods you need to eliminate. It has the same effects as the Fat Burning Bible, only an opposite approach. Instead of learning what to eat, you learn what not to eat.

The second bonus is the False Friends. It talks about the 10 most dangerous foods that are often marketed as “healthy” but that are quite the opposite. It’s a really interesting read, and is an excellent source of food for thought.

Pros – Cons?

The program, including the bonuses can be accessed immediately after purchase. They come in digital form, so as long as you have a phone, tablet or laptop (which you must if you’re reading this right now), then you’re ready to get started. I really like this because we live in a digital age, and there’s no need to cut down trees, pay for shipping and wait for a package to be delivered.

The program is sold by a well known online retailer called Software Projects. The website is safe and secure and if you ever need help finding your order or even requesting a refund they can assist you.


I also really liked how to bonuses of the program played perfectly into the Fat Burning Bible. As mentioned, with the Fat Burning Bible you learn what to eat, and how to do so. With the bonuses, you learn what to avoid and together, they create a comprehensive guide.

Another huge benefit to the program is that it’s do-able. I’ve tried one too many “get skinny now” programs that only worked while you were active in the program. I was happy to discover that what you learn in the Fat Burning Bible can be continued for the rest of your life. The diet plan and recipes are delicious and practical. So, no eating nothing but celery and carrots on this healthy regime.

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Of course, the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee was also a huge bonus. It’s nice to be able to try a program and see if it works for you, and if not, have the option to return it and get your money back.

The only con I came across with the Fat Burning Bible is that I wish it included recipes and meal plans for snacks. While you get 21 recipes for all your main meals throughout the day, we all snack and it would be nice to have a guide on how to do that as well.

However, the program does teach you about what to eat, so coming up with your own snacks was easy. So, I guess there’s really no need for it in the guide, but it would have been nice to see.

Fat Burning Bible Review Conclusion

If a program is natural and healthy, I’m game to try it. With the world being full of toxins, chemicals, preservatives and all other kinds of nonsense, it’s refreshing to find a regime that doesn’t do more harm than it does good. The Fat Burning Bible is packed with valuable knowledge that everyone should know.

After all, you have to know what you’re putting into your body and the effects it has on your overall health. Learning about the bad bacteria and how to eliminate it was exceptionally beneficial, and information I wish I had a long time ago. If you want to learn more about the Fat Burning Bible I recommend you check out their official website for more information.

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