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Flat Belly Overnight Review – Can Andrew Raposo Help You Lose 2 Pounds of Belly Fat Overnight Using A Simple Trick?

Flat Belly Overnight also known as The Flat Belly Protocol is the brand new belly slimming solution from trainer Andrew Raposo. His new program titled “Flat Belly Overnight” claims to be able to help you drop 2 pounds of belly fat by tomorrow morning using a specific “trick” that can flatten your belly by tomorrow morning.

Andrew, a professional fighter has used this trick for years to get into the best shape possible, but never thought it could change the lives of non fighters. This was until this “one trick” literally saved the life of his older sister by helping her drop 2 pounds overnight.

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Flat Belly Overnight Review – Can This One Trick Really Help You Shed Belly Fat Overnight?

 For this Flat Belly Overnight review I won’t go into the entire story, but if you want to know exactly what happened with Andrew Raposo’s 47 year old sister Amy then you can watch a special presentation. This presentation explains the emotional story of how his sister went from struggling with her health and weight to dropping 52 pounds in less than six weeks. Just click the video above to watch the presentation.

flat-belly-overnight-reviewAmy is like a lot of us in that she tried everything, but still struggled to lose weight and ger rid of horrible belly fat. If you have fat around your midsection, you’re likely fighting a losing battle to either tone it up or keep it off. We are constantly being bombarded with the mantra, “Diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss and health.”

However, not all of us believe or subscribe to what we have been told about exercise and diet, because many of us have not experienced adequate results. It’s not from a lack of trying to make progress with various workouts and nutritional prescriptions though.

In fact, according to Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight program also known as The Flat Belly Protocol not only have some of the results of our efforts been underwhelming, but they appear to have been detrimental to our health. Here are just some of the exercise and diet side-effects Amy as well as others inlcuding myself have experienced:

  • Inability to lose fat in desired areas of the body
  • Joint pain
  • Hunger
  • Decreased energy levels and insomnia
  • Physical injuries, particularly to the lower back

In Amy’s situation holding onto excess belly fat led to her developing Type 2 Diabetes. That is just one of the many negative health impacts holding onto belly fat can cause and others include:

  •  Heart disease
  • Greater likelihood of suffering a stroke
  • Cancer
  • Altzheimer’s disease
  • Side effects of medication taken for these conditions

Type 2 diabetes, once known as adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition that affects the way your body metabolizes sugar (glucose), your body's important source of fuel. Mayo Clinic

The problem is that mainstream nutrition and fitness experts tell us that lose weight and get results if we just:

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Perform high intensity exercise routines
  • Practice “interval training”
  • Decrease our calorie intake
  • Lower our carbohydrate intake

While the above mentioned “weight loss essentials” do not necessarily fall into the category of bad advice they often fail to give us the results we desire. These less-than-stellar outcomes are due to a few not-so-simple facts about how the programs are actually supposed to work and failure of the program’s authors to appropriately instruct us in their use.

Although some experience marginal success levels by employing traditional workout routines and tired old nutritional regimens, these are often totally ineffective for some. For others it only work for short time periods. Why are these methods that are supposed to be “tried and true,” ineffective for a majority of well-meaning, hard-working people, who perform these protocols as instructed?

In Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight program he explains that people 40 years of age and above receive the opposite effect. This because of a critical hormonal change that occures as you get older. This shift in hormones and a slowing down in metabolism and stomach inflammation makes it almost impossible to get rid of belly fat and easy to gain weight. In the next part of this Flat Belly Overnight review let’s take a look at some little know facts.

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Little Known Facts About Traditional Diet and Exercise Programs

In Flat Belly Overnight Andrew explained that his sister continued to get worst because she was following advice without having all the facts. She didn’t realize that…

1.)Fruits and vegetables are hurting your ability to lose fat: are often treated with toxic substances that can contribute to your inability to lose fat. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake can decrease the production of fat-burning hormones, causing a rise in the hormones “Cortisol” and “Leptin,” which may diminish your fat-burning progress.

2.)Low Carbohydrate diet aren’t good for your heart: A low carb diet is capable of causing your heart to race uncontrollably (known as heart palpitations), increasing your heart disease risks.

3.)Cutting calories hinder fat loss: As you get older cutting calories slow your metabolism, because it often eliminates energy sources that your body uses. When the body doesn’t have the energy it needs it can’t burn the stubborn belly fat.

4.)High intensity interval training causes inflammation: This popular form of training has been know to cause joint damage and creating inflammation within your body. This internal inflammation can increase your likelihood of acquiring chronic health issues, including increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or stroke.

Flat Belly Overnight takes these facts into account along with the hormonal change that occurs as we get older and integrates steps to mitigate their negative effects. Once again, you can hear Amy’s emotional story here, but it was her brother’s Flat Belly Overnight trick that allowed her to take back control of her life, weight & life.

Amy Raposo Lost 52 Pounds In Less Than Six Weeks

Even though this is a Flat Belly Overnight review I feel it’s important to talk about the progress Amy made because it establishes credibility. It also allows us to get a better idea of why and how Andrew created the program.

So after a min-stroke and finding out she has Type 2 Diabetes Amy decided she needed help. So she reached out to her brother Andrew Raposo, a champion kickboxer and he decided she didn’t have anything to lose by trying the “trick”. This trick has been used by athletes and fighters like himself use to get into the best shape as quickly as possible. However, since Amy isn’t a professional fighter he made a few small tweaks.

According to Andrew he didn’t know if this would make the trick less effective, but in less than 24 hours Amy dropped 8 pounds! That’s some insane fat loss, but it’s possible especially in people who have a lot of fat to lose. So his trick just didn’t work it exceeded expectation and all he did was tweak a few foods, a 3 minute  sequence and some specific spices and herbs.

Andrew added specific metabolism boosting foods which repaired and kept metabolism running high. The 3 minute sequence triggers abdominal muscles to fire off 24/7 for rapid calorie burning and fat loss. He also added a couple of specific herbs and spices into her daily routine which eliminates toxins and free radicals which cause the body to hold on to belly fat.

The one trick saved his sisters life and resulting in her losing 52 pounds in less than 6 weeks. The massive drop in belly fat played a huge role in reversing many of her health problems including her Type 2 Diabetes. According to her medical doctor her blood pressure was now 112/72, LDL Cholesterol was 90 mg and blood sugar levels were back to normal and healthy levels.

All of this from a simple 3 minute sequence you do right before bed along with a few small tweaks to your diet and weight just falls off! This is the story that Andrew Raposo tells in his Flat Belly Overnight program and it’s the story that inspired me to give this program a try and write up this Flat Belly Overnight review. "I was amazed at Amy's results because I never tried this trick with someone who wasn’t an athlete or fighter. Once I saw the amazing results Amy received I knew I had something and wanted to share it”, reports Andrew Raposo.

Benefits of Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight Program

flat-belly-overnight-programThe Flat Belly Overnight regimen is a belly-fat eradication system that allows you to literally melt 1-2 pounds of belly fat overnight using a simple, easy trick.

This regiment can be used over and over again which results in continued and consistent weight loss. According to the official Flat Belly Overnight website within 7 days you’ll start to notice love handles fading, back fat vanishing, less joint pain, surges in energy and sex drive.

Andrew also claims that his Flat Belly Overnight program can help:

1.) Eliminate toxic substances in the body

2.) Increase metabolism

3.) Boost and balance the hormones that help you to lose fat

4.) Activate the natural processes that provide your cells with more oxygen and rid your body of excess carbon dioxide

5.) Decrease stress levels to stop detrimental over-production of the hormones, Cortisol and Leptin

6.) Firm and sculpt your belly and midsection

7.) Reduce physical pain associated with exercise

In some situations such as Amy’s this Flat Belly Overnight Trick can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and even Heart Disease. This trick doesn’t require any calorie counting, starving yourself or crazy diet plan. The program is simple, easy to follow and consist of three different parts.

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What’s Included With The Program

The Flat Belly Overnight program is a pretty simple and straight forward program. After purchasing the course I got instant access to the program. It included three different parts which were:

I.)Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula: This is a primer about food and its effects. Some topics covered in this volume are medicinal herbs that facilitate evacuation of toxins from the body, strategic use of spice combinations that will eliminate inflammation, and food combinations that enhance energy while decreasing fat production and storage.

II.)Flat Belly Overnight “Done for You” Template: This is the core of the system. This volume contains an informational template that tells you exactly what to do to accomplish desired results. This is a precise protocol that should be implemented exactly as recommended to de-stress, ignite sluggish metabolic processes, and boost positive hormone production.

III.)Flat Belly Overnight 3-Minute Belly ‘Flattening Sequences: This book allows you to follow along with the exercise recommendations in an easy-to-use format. Emphasis is placed on proper breathing and exercise techniques for optimal results without pain or injury.

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As you can see the Flat Belly Overnight formula isn’t full with a lot of fluff. It’s exactly what you need to shrink your belly and live a healthy, lean life nothing more and nothing less. In the next part of this Flat Belly review I want to talk about the pros and the cons and my personal impressions of the program.

Flat Belly Overnight Pros and Cons: What Were My Impressions?

In this section of my Flat Belly Overnight review I want to dive into my personal opinion of the course. Did I actually lose belly fat overnight with this system? I must admit I had a little doubt the night before and was a little nervous. Hearing the emotional story of Amy inspired me and I wanted it to work. I weigh myself the day before, followed what Andrew say’s in Flat Belly Overnight and when I work up in the morning I actually did lose weight. I lose 2.5 pounds which was great!

Andrew Raposo claims you can lose from 1 to 2 pounds of belly fat overnight on the official website and I lose 2 pounds, but I can’t say for sure I lost those 2 pounds directly from my midsection or stomach. Still, The Flat Belly Overnight program isn't meant to be used for just one night.

The goal is to keep using the trick every single night before bed to receive results. So I continued to do the trick before bed and every morning I woke up a little lighter. Although the next few morning I lose only 1 pound, then 1.2 pounds and then .5 pounds. Regardless, every morning I was seeing progress,

I followed the program for 5 days total and lost around 7 pounds which is pretty cool. I have to say that these results are mine and I have no clue what your results will be because all of our bodies are different.

Something to keep in mind is that while the trick before bed is pretty easy and simple to use the other parts of the Flat Belly Overnight program required a few small changes. I did need to alter my grocery shopping routine to a small degree, as well as some of my meal preparation methods. One of the awesome things I noticed was that I was still able to eat the foods I loved. Many of these were foods I had given up during the “trial and error” period for other fat loss systems.

I acquired an arsenal of herbs and spices for my kitchen; some I had used before, and some were new to me. I wasn’t starving myself, but I did need to add a cup of herbal tea to my pre-sleep routine. This is a habit I had tried before, but long since abandoned for the necessities of getting kids to bed and preparing for the next work day. However, I did like getting back into this habit, as I recalled the comfort and relaxation of a warm cup of tea before bed.

I shared the Flat Belly Overnight system with my much older husband, (I am 40. He is 67.) who seems to be experiencing progress, as well. He is able to accomplish the short daily exercise routine despite his arthritic joints. This brings me to the end of my Flat Belly Overnight review.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more I highly recommend you check out the official website to learn more about Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight program also known as The Flat Belly Protocol.

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