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Flat Belly Protocol Review – Is Andrew Raposo’s Program Worth It?

Flat Belly Protocol is one of the most talked about programs on the internet, but it’s actually not a brand new program. Flat Belly Protocol is the exact same product as Flat Belly Overnight. Confused? Let me explain…

The author of Flat Belly Overnight, Andrew Raposo is currently renaming his best selling program and the new name is nothing else, but the Flat Belly Protocol. I didn’t even realize this, but once I did it made no sense to conduct a full and detailed Flat Belly Protocol review when I already have a review of the product.

Click Here To Visit The Official Flat Belly Protocol Website aka Flat Belly Overnight

So I’ve decided the best course of action is to just link to the review of Flat Belly Overnight aka Flat Belly Protocol. This way you can read the full review without me having to type up another review which is basically a duplicate. I’ve always believed you should work smarter not harder. So hopefully this cleared up any confusion related to Andrew Raposo’s belly flattening program. In case you’re wondering the links to the full review are below…

And if you’re doing any research on the internet about this program just keep in mind that Flat Belly Protocol is the exact same program as Flat Belly Overnight.

Flat Belly Protocol Is Flat Belly Overnight

So if you’re looking for a detailed Flat Belly Protocol review please click HERE. It will take you to the Flat Belly Overnight review which is the exact same program. I hope this has helped to make sense of things as I know a few different people were confused about the name change.

I personally like the original Flat Belly Overnight name, but I’m sure Andrew Raposo had a good reason for changing the name of his best selling program.  Once again, click the following link to read the full and detailed review of Flat Belly Protocol aka Flat Belly Overnight.


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