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French Wine For A Flat Belly Review – Drop 11 Pounds In A Week?

French Wine For A Flat Belly review we’ll examine the newest program from Thomas Newman. Wine and flat belly? You’ve got to be kidding me. I love wine and I want a flat belly, and I’m sure everyone else reading this fitness review can say the same. Unfortunately, those two things don’t typically come together, so when I stumbled across French Wine for a Flat Belly, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel.

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After all, alcohol is usually a huge factor in weight gain and this program seemed like a “too good to be true” oxymoron right off the bat. However, I was raised to give everyone (and everything) the benefit of the doubt, and more importantly, never to judge a book by its cover or in this case, by its title.

So, I bit the cork and tried French Wine for a Flat Belly because let’s get serious, if the program worked, I would be a fool to pass this opportunity up. Hopefully my experience can help you decide whether you should chug this program or to completely avoid it.


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What Is French Wine for a Flat Belly

For starters, it’s a weight loss program. Duh. More importantly, it’s a program that doesn’t require you to cut out your favorite foods, take some magical mixture packed into a pill or sweat your life away at the gym. These three things are basically what keeps me away from the majority of fitness regimes, so kudos for not making me do any of them!

flat-belly-reviewAlright, so let’s get into more detail here. The French Wine for a Flat Belly is based on a weight loss theory that has been featured on major media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, BBC and NBC.

It’s believed to have the ability to burn fat, lower blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels, while also boosting up your energy, vitality and health. It sounds too good to be true, right? I thought the same thing. However, then I looked into the nitty gritty of the program and it did start to make sense.

The French Wine for a Flat Belly program is based on scientific proof that French wine has the ability to boost up your body’s natural fat burning capabilities. It does something to your metabolism that just sheds the pounds without having to put in an insane amount of effort at the gym, without having to count calorie and without having to eat like a rabbit.

But how? I didn’t really care so much about the how, and was more focused on the information the program would tell me that I couldn’t find at the bottom of the bottle. After all, it’s no secret that there are fat burning foods and certain ingredients that boost your metabolism to make weight loss easier and that’s really what the French Wine for a Flat Belly program is all about.

French wine is made with a specific type of grape that has been linked to being an awesome antioxidant that breaks down those bad fat cells. It also has polyphenols, which helps increase your gut health by destroying the bad bacteria in your belly.

In other words, French wine is made of powerful ingredients. But I was still wondering why I needed the program. After all, I can buy bottles of French wine now that I know it burns fat.

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Well, the program gives you an in-depth look at fat loss and how French wine helps. It’s a step-by-step program that literally walks you through your eating, drinking and your health. It teaches you what kind of French wines to drink, and when to have a glass, and how the ingredients will start melting the fat away.

But the best part is that it isn’t just a fat-burning-wine guide. It’s a thorough diet plan that literally has the next 4 weeks planned out for you.

What Comes With French Wine for a Flat Belly?

You get a comprehensive guide that is literally like a wine coach. It teaches you about the ingredients in French wines that will help you achieve your weight loss goals, what kind of wines to drink and which ones to avoid, and what to eat for the next 4 weeks. After all, you have to eat with all that wine or you’ll just turn into a drunken stupor.

Any Bonuses?​

I love bonuses! The French Wine for a Flat Belly bonus comes with three bonuses!

The first one is Get Energized​. It’s all about the best foods that give you a natural energy boost.

The second bonus is The Sex Drive Stimulator​. It had me at sex. After all, who doesn’t love sex and a couple extra and powerful tips could never hurt. Plus, the tips are based on food and natural aphrodisiacs. So in other words, there are healthier sex drive stimulators than chocolate! 

The third bonus is Pilates Power. It’s a fitness program that isn’t too intense, sweat and extreme yet it tones and shapes your body. It’s like Yoga, only less zen and more excitement. 


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Pros And Cons Of The Program?​

You get to drink wine – can it get any better than that? Seriously, that’s probably one of the best benefits of the French Wine for a Flat Belly program. Plus, you get to eat, which is always nice. The secret is drinking and eating the kind of things that will naturally boost your metabolism and decrease your bad gut bacteria.

So, it’s definitely a doable program for even the most stubborn of people. It also offers a 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is always a nice bonus because you get to try the program and if it’s not for you, you can return it for your money back. There’s really nothing to lose, other than weight.

Honestly, the only con I can think of is the name. The program isn’t only about French wine. Sure, it’s a huge component but the name is misleading. It makes you think that the program is just about wine, and it’s actually about eating and drinking healthy altogether. Even if you’re drinking French wine, if you’re eating fast food every day, you’re not going to see the benefits you want. Obviously the program goes over this, but the name is kind of confusing.

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French Wine For A Flat Belly Review Conclusion​

The French Wine for a Flat Belly program is certainly unique. There are tons of fitness programs out there that offer diet plans, but most of them tell you to steer clear of alcohol. This program basically provides you with a diet plan, and tells you the opposite – to drink up.

That alone was enough for me to try it because it offered something different than the rest. At the end of the day, I felt the program was more beneficial for its diet plan but the French wine knowledge was also helpful. I now know which wines to drink and more importantly, which ones will help me lose weight, and which ones to avoid because they’ll make me fat!

If you’re interested in knowing more about Thomas Newman’s French Wine For A Flat Belly program I recommend you check out the official website. The website provides additional information and even provides a detailed video and transcript for those interested in getting more details.


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