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How To Get Rid Of Plaque and Whiten Your Teeth Without Expensive Treatments

Teeth Without Expensive TreatmentsThe sticky and colorless film of bacteria that builds up on the surface of the teeth is called plaque. If you do not take any action to remove it, it can cause inflammation of the gum tissue, gingivitis because with time it becomes harder into tartar.

Luckily, you can try a few natural treatments in order to remove it and it is highly effective and 100% safe to use.

Fortunately, today we can find a natural treatment for every type of health problem. Here in this article we will tell you a natural remedy for plaque which is very powerful and popular.

Coconut oil has a lot health benefits and it is very helpful natural oil, and it has the ability to improve the oral health. It has a lot of strong qualities that are very helpful and can treat dental problems and also protect the health of the teeth and make them whiter.

Baking soda is also very efficient in eliminating plaque and making the teeth whiter. It also has the power to eliminate numerous harmful bacteria because it has the ability to neutralize the acids in the oral cavity.

The Journal of Clinical Dentistry published a study in 2008, and in this study were analyzed the results of 5 studies. This study showed that comparing to any other products without baking soda; the baking soda powder or paste is more efficient in treating plaque on the teeth.

It is also recommended to use this treatment in moderate amounts, because excessive use can lead to damage of the enamel.

Here is how to prepare the natural paste to eliminate plaque:


  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil
  • Several drops of essential oil of your choice


Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients together to make a homogenous paste. You can put several drops of essential oil of your choice, only if you like to.


Brush your teeth with this homemade paste two times a day, like you always brush them, just dip the toothbrush in the mixture.

Here are some other, also very efficient homemade recipes for a paste to eliminate the plaque, but use these just once or twice a week:

  • Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of salt and then brush your teeth with it.
  • Make a paste with hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of baking soda, and then brush the teeth and gums with it. After spit the paste and wash your mouth with clean water.
  • The simplest recipe is to just put some baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. When you finish wash the mouth with some warm water.

About whitening the teeth, many experts and other people state that coconut oil is the most powerful natural treatment to do that, and it is even used for oral pulling.

Coconut oil is abundant in medium chain fatty acids, and about 50% of them are lauric acid. Lauric acid has powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and because of that it is very powerful in eliminating all the bacteria and plaque. It also has the ability to whiten the teeth and gives a fresh breath.

The Nigerian Journal of Medicine published the results of a study in April 2015. In this study they observed 60 participants from 16 to 18 years old, and during the month they observed them in their daily routine of oil pulling as oral hygiene. The results showed the plaque and gum diseases were reduced after a week of the treatment.

Here is how to perform the method:

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it for about 15-20 minutes in your mouth, but it is important to get to all the areas in the oral cavity. After that spit the oil, without gargling it in order to throw out all the bacteria that was absorbed from the teeth and gums.

Then wash the mouth with some warm water and brush your teeth. Do this every day and the results will be visible after a few days, and you will get whiter teeth.

Or if you want you can put a few drops of coconut oil on a clean cloth or the toothbrush and rub softly. You will start to get a lot of compliments for your beautiful white teeth.

Sources: top10homeremedies.com


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