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Health Benefits of Yam Beans

Yam BeansNative to Central and South America but also grown in many tropical areas of the planet, yam beans are packed with all sorts of nutrients. It contains minerals such as phosphorous, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, plus it has lots of vitamin C, making it an excellent booster of the immune system.

Yam beans are also made up of more than 80 percent water, and thus their consumption can help in keeping the body hydrated. Such property of yam beans, coupled with the fact that they are very low in calories, make them ideal for those who like to lose excess pounds.
Related to potatoes, yam beans make for superb addition to one’s regular diet. In places where they are native to, they’re commonly added to salads. Individuals who are into juicing vegetables will certainly love throwing in some slices of yam beans into the blender or juicer to come up with a highly nutritious drink.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the health benefits associated with yam beans:

Healthier Heart

There are a handful of reasons why yam beans are good for the heart. Since they contain absolutely no cholesterol, their consumption won’t contribute to the clogging up of arteries. This is most especially true when their consumption is paired with a low-cholesterol diet and healthy living.

Being high in fiber and antioxidants, the regular consumption of yam beans helps lower cholesterol levels. Medical experts say that a diet rich in fiber is good for the heart because it helps flush out some of the cholesterol obtained by means of the diet. Antioxidants prevent oxidation of cholesterol, keeping them from accumulating in the arteries.

Yam beans are also rich in potassium. As every health-conscious person knows, the said mineral is very helpful in keeping at bay high blood pressure. That’s because potassium helps in widening the blood vessels, which results in a more efficient flowing of blood.

Better Digestion

Fiber is one of the most abundant nutrients found in yam beans. It’s exactly for this reason why adding them in the diet on a regular basis can help improve the process of digestion. What’s more, fiber in yam beans also help in the multiplication of good bacteria in the gut, which results in superb digestion and even immunity.

Consuming yam beans regularly also helps in preventing constipation. Again, it’s for the fact that they contain impressive amounts of fiber. What’s more, yam beans are also very high in water. Everyone knows that there are many benefits to taking lots of fluids, and one of them is regular bowel movement.
By the way, yam beans are perfect for individuals who like to become slimmer. Thanks to their fiber and water content, yam beans help stave off hunger pangs. Since they are very low in calories, adding yam beans to salads or vegetable juices is a perfect weight loss solution.

Stronger Immunity

Earlier, it was mentioned that fiber in yam beans improve a person’s immune system because it helps increase the number of beneficial bacteria residing in the gut. Well, there’s another reason why the regular inclusion of yam beans in the diet can help strengthen the immune system, and that’s due to their rich vitamin C content.

Yam beans are perfect for individuals who like to become more defended against disease-causing bacteria and viruses but cannot tolerate very well those acidic fruits. Yam beans allow them to get good amounts of vitamin C without leaving them with gut-wrenching acid reflux afterwards.

Vitamin C in yam beans is not only good for bolstering the immune system. The said nutrient is also important for lovely and healthy skin. Being an antioxidant, it shields the skin cells from free radical damage. Vitamin C also promotes collagen synthesis, which results in skin that’s elastic and less susceptible to wrinkles.


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