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Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Gives You A Warning – These Are The 5 Signs

Before A Heart AttackStatistics say that millions of people in the US suffer from heart diseases. Heart attack is still the main cause of dead in our country, with a tendency to rise in the following decade.

The modern way of living gives plenty of reasons for heart attack, such as high-stress levels, imbalanced diet, as well as various inflammations.

That is why it is very important to make some crucial changes in your lifestyle. This will help lower the risk of heart attack, as well as the possible complications that usually follow.

First, you need to do is try to reduce the stress levels by finding a way to relax. Next, you need to change your nutrition and become physically active. Besides these three key factors, another important thing is to learn to recognize the symptoms of heart attack. These symptoms are usually warning messages our body sends in the event of an upcoming heart attack.

Difficulty Breathing

If you find it difficult to breathe and have shortness of breath, you might be near a heart attack! This is due to narrowed arteries and improper circulation. In that case, the lungs do not get enough blood and can’t function properly. And since the lungs and the heart are closely connected, when one of these organs is obstructed, the other is sure to suffer as well.

Chronic Fatigue

Narrowed arteries obstruct the blood flow and impair the circulation. Improper circulation is responsible for the feelings of chronic fatigue and constant weakness in the muscles.

If the blood flow is impaired, the heart does not receive enough blood to work properly. Unexplained exhaustion is one of the most usual signs of an upcoming heart attack and if you feel tired this for a longer period of time, you should see your doctor.

Pain in the Chest

As the risk of a heart attack rises, the pain and pressure in the chest become stronger and move to the arms (usually the left arm), shoulders, and back.

Lightheadedness and nausea

Impaired circulation means the brain is deprived of sufficient amounts of blood. The brain function is obstructed and this may lead to lightheadedness, frequently followed by nausea and cold sweats.


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