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Herbs That Can Give You a Luxurious Bath for Less

Luxurious BathA lot of women would say that they have no time to hit the spa for some pampering when in fact they simply don’t have the budget for it. If you’re just like them who assert that your very busy life and not your pocket is the one’s that’s keeping you from much-needed relaxation fit for a queen, read on. Below you will find a listing of very common herbs that you may add to your bathwater to make you feel like a star living a stress-free life!

Before we take a look at these herbs, let us first check out a few pointers:

  • Keep the herbs from sticking to your skin by having them placed in a used stocking or sock. Secure the opening with a string.
  • It’s a wonderful idea to opt for lukewarm bathwater to facilitate the extraction of the aroma of the herbs and most especially the active compounds in them. Refrain from going for a hot bathwater as it can dry up your skin afterwards. If your blood pressure is naturally low, a hot bath is not a good idea as it will make it drop further.
  • Feel free to opt for bathwater at room temperature, or slightly cold if the weather is hot.
  • You can increase the relaxing properties of an herbal bath by playing soothing music in the background or lighting up a few scented candles of your preference!

Now it’s time to enumerate the herbs that can be employed for you to enjoy a luxurious bath without stepping foot inside a spa and shelling out a stress-inducing large amount of cash:


If you’re through with a very busy day and you want to prep yourself for a good night’s sleep, opt for a chamomile bath.

The scent of this herb is enough to calm both your body and mind ASAP. It’s a wonderful idea to have a cup of freshly-brewed chamomile tea within your reach as you immerse in a chamomile-infused bath!


This very fragrant herb is very much like chamomile — it’s very good at relaxing your body as well as your mind. Going for a lush lavender bath is perfect not only for combating stress, but also insomnia.


Want to eliminate stress but you can’t hop into bed right away because of a few home tasks waiting to be carried out? Add some eucalyptus to your bathwater. It can help soothe your weary body while energizing your mind. This is also the perfect luxurious bath for you if your airways are congested.


Lemon Balm

Just like eucalyptus, lemon balm is capable of invigorating your mind while at the same time reducing your body’s stress levels. The scent of this herb alone is enough to make you forget all of your problems and worries.


It’s a phenomenal idea for you to infuse your bathwater with jasmine if you’re feeling down. That’s because this very popular herb is revered for its ability to lower stress levels and combat depression.


Soaking your body in bathwater that kind of smells piney is very good for eliminating stress. More importantly, it can help lift your mood a bit. By the way, since rosemary is an herb that’s staple to a lot of beauty products, enjoying a rosemary bath at the end of your day can help make your skin look more beautiful.



This beautiful flower is used traditionally for healing all sorts of skin conditions, and that’s why having a calendula-infused bath is good for your skin. Also, the said luxurious bath can also help soothe your anxiety and stress.

Stinging Nettle

Despite of its name, stinging nettle makes for an amazing bath at home once your very toxic day is over. If you often find yourself popping a mild painkiller because of your achy joints, consider going for a stinging nettle bathe instead. Not only can it make you feel like royalty, but also give you pain- and inflammation-free joints.


Not yet ready to hit the sack because you still want to watch your favorite TV sitcom later or read a few pages of your favorite novel? Then have a basil bath that helps relax your body but invigorate your mind and senses.

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