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How to Increase Vascularity – Visible Veins



Have you been trying in vain to increase vascularity? Often seen as a sign of incredible health, increasing your vascularity has become extremely important in the world of bodybuilding. This occur when there is very low levels of subcutaneous fat in the body, ensuring you have ultimate muscle definition. It’s often said that bulging veins is all about genetics. However, if you’re not one of the lucky ones who inherited this quality, you will be pleased to know there are still ways you can achieve this defined look. Below you will discover some of the best tips for increasing your vascularity.


Reduce your body fat

This is potentially the most obvious tip, but it is also one of the most important. As vascularity is defined by low subcutaneous fat, it makes sense that the first step to improving it is to reduce your body fat. Unfortunately this is sometimes easier said than done. After all, the body has more than one type of fat so how can you make sure you’re eliminating the right type.

The best thing to help you with this is a fat burning supplement. They are designed to specifically target the types of fat that bodybuilders need to lose. In order to increase vascularity, you should aim to have a less than 10% body fat level.


Blood flow restriction training

There’s a common misconception that training will bring out vascularity. However, the majority of training won’t actually have any real effects. It may look like you’re getting results as during weight-lifting your veins will start to protrude due to the blood flow effects caused by the work-out. However, these results are short lived.

The one type of training that can help however is blood flow restriction training. This can increase the size of the veins over time because of the blood pooling effect created.


Eliminate water retention to increase vascularity

Another culprit that can reduce your chances of increased vascularity is water retention. Water often collects between the skin and the muscles and it will literally hide the veins, pushing them further away from your skin. There are a number of ways to reduce water retention and one of the most effective tends to be drinking plenty of water. This causes the body to flush it out, reducing the likelihood of it sticking around. The reason your body holds onto water is if it is dehydrated. So the more you drink, the less likely it is that you will end up with water rendition problems.

There are also supplements out there which are also designed to eliminate water retention. It might be worth investing in these as well as ensuring you drink more water.


Increasing the body’s temperature

You will often notice that you have more visible veins when you’re feeling pretty hot. It could be when you have just completed a workout, or after you’ve just got off the sun bed. The reason behind this is that when your temperature increases, the body takes steps to try and prevent it from overheating. These include pushing the blood closer to the surface of the skin. It helps to ensure your internal organs don’t get too hot. It is actually a little known trick used by some professional body builders, that they use a hair dryer on their body before heading out onto the stage for competitions. Try it, you just might be surprised by how effective it is!


Boost your Creatine levels

It is often thought that Creatine should be limited in body building due the fact it is known to cause water retention. However, what most people don’t understand is that it is actually intracellular water retention which is known to build up inside the muscles, rather than between the skin and the muscle. This instead makes the muscles appear larger, rather than hiding them. Many body building supplements contain Creatine so it is worth looking into those.


Simplicity of increasing vascularity

Overall it’s actually pretty simple to increase vascularity. Don’t believe the masses who tell you it cannot be done if you don’t have the right genes. Follow the tips above and you should see noticeable improvements within just a couple of months. The key thing to concentrate on is getting your body fat levels down.

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