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Hypertension Facts and Home Remedies

HypertensionHypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition, which involves prolonged elevation of the blood pressure in the arteries. While it does not usually cause symptoms, it is often associated with conditions, such as stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and vision loss.


According to the World Health Organization or WHO, high blood pressure is assumed to cause 7.5 million mortality or death cases on a global scale, which is equivalent to nearly 12.8 percent of the sum of the said cases. As per the publication, this also covers 57 million disability adjusted life years or DALYS or 3.7 percent of the overall DALYS.

As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, high blood pressure affects nearly 70 million adults in the United States, which accounts for 29 percent of the population. As per the publication, the value is equivalent to one of every three adults. In addition, more than half or 52 percent of people with hypertension is able to manage their condition, although about one out of three American adults has pre-hypertension, which refers to blood pressure numbers that are more than the normal, but not do not fall in the high blood pressure range. It is added that the country spends $46 billion annually for high blood pressure management and this covers the health care services costs, high blood pressure medications, and the number of working days missed.

In terms of gender, women are about as likely as their male counterpart to develop hypertension during the lifespan, as per CDC. According to the publication, more men develop the condition than females in the less than 45 years old age bracket. For the elderly (65 years old or more), hypertension is set to affect females more than males. The data appears to be in conflict with other data, since lifestyle presents that males are more inclined to vices like drinking and smoking than females.


Sign and Symptoms

Hypertension presents a number of signs and symptoms. According to Web MD, the symptoms include vision problems, severe headache, difficulty breathing, fatigue or confusion, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and presence of blood in the urine.

Home Remedies

While hypertension can be managed by maintenance medications, a person can also include the following home remedies for the regimen.

Reducing sodium intake is included in the list of home remedies for hypertension, according to Everyday Roots. Sodium attracts water, so consuming salt means water retention in the body. Associated by water retention is reduced urine output, which means higher body fluid volume. Increased blood volume is attached to increased blood pressure, when prolonged, becomes hypertension. As per the publication, a case in point is a single microwave roast turkey meat, which can have salt in the meat because of the potatoes, stuffing, flavoring, and the gravy. It is recommended that a person should only consume less than half a teaspoon a day.

Exercise is another factor that lifts the risks and complications brought about by hypertension. According to Healthline, a person may exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day to help reduce blood pressure levels by four to nine mmHG. It is added that the American Heart Association suggests including muscle strengthening activities for at least two days every week. The exercises include pushups, weightlifting, and the like, which promotes lean muscle mass build-up.

Hypertension is not as serious as tuberculosis and stroke. However, it may lead to various heart complications, such as heart failure and other vascular disease. In this regard, it is vital for a person to seek medical consult with a health professional for proper assessment and planning.


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