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Isometrics Strength Review – Can Todd Kuslikis Help You Build Muscle?

In this Isometrics Strength review we’ll examine the latest program from fitness pro Todd Kuslikis and find out if it’s worth your time and effort. Let’s get started with the review now. If there’s anything I learned over the years, it’s that I’m not a gym-goer and because of that, I’ll never be ripped.

I mean, you can only do so many push ups, sit ups and bench dips before your body maxes out. This is something I accepted because working out with those insane, heavy dangerous weights and machinery at the gym just ain’t my thang.

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Then, I stumbled across Isometrics Strength, which basically claims to do the opposite of what I’ve believed about strength training. It says that I can get ripped with lean muscle without having to use those insane weights. So being the stubborn “I’m always right” kind of person that I am, I had to give the program a shot; if not for my body but for my ego.


What’s The Isometrics Strength Program?​

To sum the entire program up quickly, it’s a strength training regime that doesn’t use any heavy weights. Instead, the entire system is based on 3 different workouts that will help you increase your total body strength. Researchers in Paris even claim that is has the ability to do so by 54%.

It gets even better. You’d expect that because you won’t be lifting heavy weights in order to build lean, hard muscle, you’d have to spend hours working out with the Isometrics Strength program. Again, not my thang!

Fortunately, the 3 different exercises were just as short as they were effective. You only need 30 minutes a day, and only 3 to 4 days a week.

The system is a healthier and safer alternative to busting out hours at the gym with dangerous weights. In fact, many people want to bulk up but don’t because they know that lifting heavy weights can put serious stress on your joints.

In the long run, this can cause irreversible pain, aches and injuries. Isometrics Strength shows you how you can get the results without the damage all with short 30-minute exercises.

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But you don’t just build lean muscle and strength. The Isometrics Strength program is designed to give you that bigger, bulky look (if that’s what you’re going for), while also burning more fat to get you achieving your goals faster.

After all, you can have the 8-pack you want but if you have fat covering it, there’s really no point. So, fat loss is just as important as muscle building in order to increase your strength, and the Isometrics Strength program addresses both.

More importantly, the entire program and the results you receive from it are backed up with science and proof. And to break down the program a little bit further, it can actually be broken down into three different methods:

  • Static Contraction
  • Yielding Contraction
  • Overcoming Contraction

Static contraction is when your muscles squeeze, instead of pushing or moving against something (such as heavy weights). Yielding Contraction is when your body recruits more muscle fibers to increase strength faster, and effectively. Overcoming Contraction is when you push against a force that simply can’t be moved, such as a wall.

And that right there are the three things the Isometrics Strength is all about.

What’s Included With Isometrics Strength?​

You get a couple of things when you purchase this fitness program. The first is an Isometrics eBook, which includes 50 pages that teach you everything about the system. You’ll discover things such as proper positioning, how to effectively maximize your results and breathing techniques.

The second component of the system is Isometrics Workout Plan & Exercise Descriptions. This is basically like having a personal trainer. In this section, you learn how the system works better at increasing strength and burning fat, the specific workout routine to follow and full descriptions and pictures of each program.

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The third part of the Isometrics Strength program is the Isometric Training Log Sheets. This is where you track your progress, so you can stay motivated and see your strength improving.

The fourth part is the Bodyweight Physique Academy. This is where you receive 12 principles of strength training. It’s a video library that includes workouts, expert interviews and the whole nine yards.

Any Bonuses?

You’d think with the program being so vast, you wouldn’t get any bonuses, but you are wrong. The Isometrics Strength program comes with 3 different bonuses.

The first is the Nutrition for Building Muscle & Increasing Strength. It’s all about food! You learn about important fat-burning ingredients, how to do cheat days and plenty of other valuable information.

The second bonus is the 8 Week Meal Log Sheets. This is like the workout log sheets, only for your meals so you can stay on top of your diet.

The third bonus is Recipes for Muscle Support & Recovery eBook. It has 20 delicious recipes that are designed to be just as great your fitness goals as they are for your taste buds – and they’re really good.


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Pros & Cons of Isometrics Strength?​

The best thing about the Isometrics Strength program is how thorough it was. When you consider the bonuses you receive, there’s really nothing left unsaid at the end of the day. Your knowledge is fulfilled, your training is executed and your diet is taken care of as well. This was nice to see since we all know that strength training takes exercise and healthy eating.

The digital access is awesome as well, because you can start the program as soon as you purchase it. With the addition of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, the Isometrics Strength is clearly a program that is about helping people achieve their goals instead of being about cashing in on the fitness industry.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of with the Isometrics Strength system was that the workouts from component 2 of the program didn’t come in video format. While the movements and exercises are thoroughly described and have photos to show you exactly what to do, being able to follow the program in video format would be nice.

Plus, there are other components of Isometrics Strength that do have videos, so I do wish they added the training part in video format as well.

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Isometrics Strength Review Conclusion​

The Isometrics Strength program is a pretty solid system based on tried and true methods. The knowledge and evidence that supports the training is very effective for individuals interested in getting the most results in the least amount of time.

As for the actual workouts within Isometrics Strength, they’re simple to follow and will certainly make you sweat for your strength. With the combination of the bonuses, especially the delicious recipes it becomes a well rounded program which gives you the best of both strength training and nutrition.

And if you’re interested in getting more details and learning more about Todd Kuslikis’s Isometrics Strength program I recommend you check out the official website. It contains a lot of additional information you may find quite useful.

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