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The Joint Pain Relief Codes Review

The Joint Pain Relief CodesNow, as the inventor of a ground-breaking physical rehabilitation device, the JBIT MedPro, and author of The Joint Pain Relief Codes…Unlocked!…

Jonathan devotes himself full-time to helping people end their own joint pain. You may have seen him being interviewed about his work on Bloomberg or Fox News, Sports Illustrated or Forbes.

Who is this Jonathan Bender guy?

Turns out Jonathan was a gifted NBA player who was forced to retire from the Indiana Pacers by excruciating pain because he had lost all the cartilage between his knees. After he rehabbed himself so completely he played pain-free for the New York Knicks, he chose to walk away from a second career as an NBA pro and contracts worth millions of dollars.

Jonathan has spent nearly two decades studying human anatomy and physiology, both as a world-class athlete, and then at the elbows of some of the finest sports medicine doctors, physical therapists and biomechanical engineers in America.

He is also enormously generous in sharing his expertise. When I emailed Jonathan to ask him if he had any advice for me, he replied: “Only if you share it with everyone you know!”
So over the next several emails, I’m going to keep my promise to Jonathan.

The first thing he wanted to share with you is this.

One of the big myths I hear from my patients—who get it from so-called reputable sources that I’m not gonna name—is that changing your diet has no impact on arthritis. Which is the wear and tear of the artilage between your joints. There are other, worse myths, and I’ll get to them, but this one does a lot of harm.

The idea behind it is that the cartilage covering your joints has very few blood vessels in it, so it’s not really affected by what you eat.

Well, your muscles, which apply various forces to your joints, are full of blood vessels.
So an inflammatory diet forces your muscles to incorrectly load your joints, stressing them and hurting you.

And if you have an inflammatory disease like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or psoriatic arthritis, your diet can dramatically affect your symptoms.

This is why relatively small changes in what you eat have already improved how you—and your knees—feel. Read more…



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