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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms That All Women Should Know!

Ovarian Cancer SymptomsNowadays, cancer is leading cause of death in almost every country in the world. It is responsible for over 30% of all deaths in Canada. The ovarian cancer had 1750 deaths of 2800 cases of ovarian cancer in Canada and 14,240 deaths of 22,280 cases in the US in 2016.

The ovarian cancer is developed when the ovary cells form tumors that become malignant.  It is called the silent killer because it doesn’t show symptoms or they are difficult to detect. It’s most common for women in post-menopausal period and it has also started to affect younger women. Recent research shows that if it is detected earlier it increases the survival chances and that is why the regular check-ins are important. Many of its symptoms are mistaken for those linked to other diseases like irritable bowel syndrome. It is usually diagnosed at stage3 when it is too late.

Here are four symptoms which may be signs of ovarian cancer:

Persistent bloating

Frequent and consistent bloating that lasts for more than 3 weeks indicates a cancerous growth of tumor.

Lower pelvic and abdominal pain

Even pain during menstruation and menstrual cramps are normal, but the persistent pain that lasts for more than 3 weeks can indicate ovarian cancer. The pre-menopausal women need to be careful because these symptoms are easily passed off for period pain.

Feeling full quickly/difficulty eating

An appetite decrease that lasts for more than 3 weeks can be symptoms of many ailments like bowel, intestine and stomach issues. But is can be also a sigh of ovarian cancer and that is why a person should consult a doctor.

Increased need to urinate

If a person has a need for urinating much more than earlier without changes in consumption of liquids, that this may be a sign of an early stage of ovarian cancer. Inability to hold it and urgent need to urinate are another signs of ovarian cancer.

Most of the symptoms can be mistaken for diseases and problems with the gastro intestinal tract. If you notice some of them you need to monitor their frequency and persistence. If the symptoms do not subside in few weeks, you should consult a doctor and get checked. It is important to recognize the symptoms to early detect the issue.


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