Signs That You May Have Lactose Intolerance


Lactose intolerance is said to be often misdiagnosed, which means that it is a condition that is often mistaken for something else. You may be suffering from it, but it’s not unlikely for your doctor to think otherwise. So what is lactose intolerance exactly? Someone who has it lacks an …

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Make Your Own Vegan Jerky Using Tofu


What’s so nice about beef jerky is it’s extremely high in good quality protein, making it perfect for building and repairing muscles. Much of the fat is also removed. Indeed, beef jerky seems to be the perfect snack. So what’s the catch? Well, it is high in calories and sodium. …

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Diet Recommendations for Psoriasis


People with psoriasis react differently to different forms of treatment for the chronic skin disease. Other than conventional solutions, there are also natural remedies available for psoriasis. While it’s true that there is currently no ultimate science-backed diet recommended for psoriasis, a lot of individuals with it reported success in …

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Know the Health Benefits of Catnip Essential Oil


Don’t think that catnip is only for our feline friends. While it’s true that it can leave Whiskers, Tiger and Missy feeling blissful, which makes them even more adorable, catnip in the form of essential oil is also beneficial for humans. Catnip essential oil is derived from a plant having …

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