Health Benefits of L-Carnitine


If you are always checking out weight loss supplements on the current market, chances are you have already come across many that contain L-carnitine. But did you know that L-carnitine is something that can bring so many other perks aside from eliminating those excess pounds?   Read on if you …

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Home Remedies for an Eyelash in the Eye


Having long and thick eyelashes can make your eyes really pop. However, they can also make your eyes look red and feel irritated if they get into them. Since your eyes are very delicate organs of the visual system, you have to be very extra careful when attempting to remove …

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Tai Chi and Its Amazing Power

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of exercise that requires both the mind and body. It is a combination of various Asian traditions and is one of the several kinds of qigong workouts where it mixes controlled breathing, the tenets of martial arts, the philosophies of the Eastern countries, as well …

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Various Uses for Rosalina Essential Oil

Rosalina Essential Oil

Rosalina essential oil is the one for you if you are looking for an alternative to tea tree oil for fighting off an assortment of problems concerning the skin — from pimples, boils to athlete’s foot. Even though it’s just as potent as tea tree oil, this volatile oil has …

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Vitamin D Deficiency and How to Treat It

Vitamin D Deficiency

We may not notice it, but we might be deficient in certain vitamins. One particular vitamin that we may not get enough of is Vitamin D. Studies show that a large percentage of Americans are actually deficient in vitamin D3. This vitamin is usually received from exposure to the sun. …

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Surprising Benefits of Whistling

Surprising Benefits

Did you know that you carry a wonderful tiny musical instrument with you always? Whenever you wish to engage it, all you have to do is pucker your lips and force air through them. Whistling is something that you can do all the time, unlike singing that is off limits …

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