Benefits of Pistachio Oil

Pistachio Oil

All of us know that snacking on pistachio is great as it delivers a variety of health benefits. But did you know you can also enjoy the numerous health perks of it by employing it in oil type? Keep on reading this article to get yourself familiar with pistachio oil, …

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Medicinal Properties of Sumac


No, the one that's going to be discussed in this article is not poison sumac, but the spice that is extremely widely used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. If you are intrigued by this, then continue reading – under you will learn more about sumac, particularly the amazing medicinal …

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How to Make Remineralizing Toothpaste at Home

Toothpaste at Home

Devastated that your dentist just told you that you have a couple of cavities just when you thought you are taking very good care of your pearly whites? Most likely, your chompers are deprived of all the calcium they need in order to stay tough and resistant to acids in …

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Surprising Benefits of Red Thyme Essential Oil

Red Thyme Essential Oil

Belonging to the mint family of plants, red thyme is one of those herbs that are used for various medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Naturally, the volatile oil extracted from it has the ability to provide a number of health benefits. One of the nicest things about red thyme essential oil …

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Medicinal Properties of Mahlab


There is an herb called mahlab, and it bears cherry-shaped fruits. The said fruits have seeds, and inside those seeds are kernels that are ground and used as a spice. Continue reading to know about mahlab spice, which is very popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, as well as …

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How to Make Potato Tuna Cakes

Potato Tuna Cakes

Are cakes off limits in the dining area because you are well-aware that they are terrible for both your figure and overall health? Don’t turn your back on all cakes as some of them can actually be good for you. Case in point: potato tuna cakes! In this article, you …

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Incredible Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil

Ravensara Essential Oil

There is a medicinal tree called ravensara that is native to the forests of Madagascar, which is a gigantic island nation that’s found hundreds of miles off the eastern coast of Southern Africa. The leaves of the said tree yields volatile oil that possesses numerous therapeutic properties, and this article …

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Medicinal Benefits of Khat


You are reading this article because you probably have heard from a friend or co-worker about an herb called khat and its ability to cause euphoria. Well, you have come to the right place because this article will get you acquainted with this particular herb, which is actually prohibited in …

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Health Benefits of Sucanat Sugar

Sucanat Sugar

All of us have heard about the health dangers posed by refined sugar. Perhaps you have also read or heard somewhere that artificial sweeteners are bad for you either. So what can you use for sweetening foods and beverages other than honey or maple syrup, both of which often recommended …

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