Home Remedies for Ant Bites

Ant Bites

Although tiny, ants can leave you in throbbing pain when they bite. The pain may go away after a few seconds, but the burning and itchiness tend to stay around for quite a while. Scratching is not a good idea as it may break the skin, putting you at risk …

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Mike O’Neal’s Eastern Keys Review

Eastern Keys

What’s so exciting about the Eastern Keys from Mike O’Neal? What is your definition of success? Success may have different meanings for different people. For person A, success may be about being wealthy and owning several estates. For person B, success may be about being healthy and having a loving …

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Health Benefits of Banana Squash

Banana Squash

Banana squash is called like that because it is shaped like a huge banana and it’s a member of the squash family. It is said to be native to South America and made its way to North America in the late 1490s. There are many different varieties of banana squash, …

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Homemade Bitter Melon Tea Powder Recipe

Melon Tea Powder Recipe

It’s true that the taste of bitter melon is off-putting to so many people. However, it’s something that can be very beneficial to all. Numerous studies have suggested that bitter melon is superb at controlling blood sugar, and this is the reason why diabetics can tremendously benefit from its intake. …

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Tips on Boosting Your Adrenaline Levels

Adrenaline Levels

In a way, adrenaline makes you superhuman – not only does it increase your strength and senses, but also makes you feel less pain. For many people, having that adrenaline rush is quite addicting. Well, it’s so better for anyone to be hooked on the feeling that adrenaline brings rather …

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Hepatitis C Home Remedies

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is spread from one person to the other via the blood. This means that you can end up with this form of liver infection upon coming into contact with the blood of a person who has the disease. Most of the time, you can get hepatitis C from …

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Home Remedies for Coryza


Your nasal cavity is lined with mucous membrane that warms and moistens the air you breathe in, but more importantly traps some of the microbes, dirt and other small foreign objects. However, from time to time this body defense that you have can get irritated and inflamed, which is something …

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How to Deal With Abrasions at Home

Abrasions at Home

Abrasions refer to superficial skin damage, which means that only the epidermis (topmost layer of the skin) is affected. Mild cases of it do not involve bleeding but severe cases surely do, although commonly minimal only. Abrasions are easier to manage at home than lacerations or deep tears or cuts …

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