Medicinal Benefits of Summer Savory

Summer Savory

Summer savory is an aromatic culinary herb that can be used fresh or dried. However, in some parts of the planet, it is more commonly used as a medicinal herb rather than for cooking. This article will get you acquainted with summer savory, in particular the many health benefits it …

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Foods to Eat to Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues

Do you feel lonelier and lonelier as the air grows colder and colder? It’s quite clear that you have what’s called the winter blues. If you want to look beaming on those Holiday photos, continue reading. This article will tell you some of the foods to eat if you want …

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Medicinal Benefits of Velvet Leaf Plant

Velvet Leaf Plant

Despite of what it’s called, no one really likes to spot any velvet leaf plant around. That’s because it is regarded as an agricultural pest, able to multiply at a very fast rate courtesy of the thousands of horseshoe-shaped seeds that it’s capable of producing. However, velvet leaf plant offers …

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Health Benefits of Lotus Root

Lotus Root

We all know how the lotus flower plays an important part in culture and religion. Did you know that below each and every beautiful bloom is a root that can be consumed as a vegetable? This article will get you acquainted with lotus root and the many health benefits it’s …

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