Health Benefits of Kale and Sample Recipe


Kale, also known as leaf cabbage, is a set of vegetable variants under the plant species Brassica oleracea. In appearance, the plant has green or purple leaves, with the central leaves not forming a head; this makes kale distinct from the headed cabbages. The plant is also packed with various …

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Winter Hair Care Tips for More Beautiful Hair


The winter months are slowly approaching and with them come the cheerful holidays, making snow angels and snowmen in the backyard. However, as much as you would like to take advantage of the falling snow to make your yard more interesting to look at, the cold, biting wind can damage …

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Diet Rules for Strong Muscles


A lot of guys want to have huge, well-defined muscles hence they follow a diet that is high in protein content. Well, it appears that to achieve those big, strong muscles, you will need more than protein to achieve your desired results. You see, not all proteins are made equal …

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Top 20 Reasons Why Moringa Is Amazing For Your Health


Moringa oleifera, or the “Tree of life” is a miraculous plant that has extremely potent medicinal properties that boost the overall health. It is a perfectly safe way to treat depression, diabetes, infertility, allergies, anxieties, cancer risk, and heart and blood pressure problems, and boost the energy levels! According to …

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Snacks to Have to Regulate Blood Sugar


Smart snacking is important for those who have Type 2 diabetes as it helps regulate their blood sugar levels. When hunger sets in, this can cause dips and spikes in their blood sugar that can lead to irritability, dizziness, and even weakness. Having a healthy snack on hand ensures that …

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