Diarrhea Facts and Home Remedies

Diarrhea Facts

Diarrhea or diarrhea refers to the gastrointestinal condition wherein at least three loose or liquid bowel movement per day. Also called loose bowel movement, the condition only lasts for a few days, but if not managed, severe cases can lead to dehydration secondary to fluid loss. While it is considered …

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How to Perform Candle Manicure at Home

Candle Manicure

Have you ever wanted to undergo candle manicure but afraid that it’s going to leave a dent on your budget? Fret not because this amazing procedure for the hands (and sometimes feet, too) can be easily replicated at home. While you can do it yourself, it’s a great idea to …

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Habits That Can Harm Your Gums


A lot of people focus on having perfectly straight and incredibly white teeth just to make their smiles look stellar. Many are forgetting the importance of having healthy gums. If your gums are not in tip-top condition, your pearly whites are in grave danger — tooth decay and tooth loss …

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These 12 Foods Seem Vegan But They’re Not!

Foods Seem Vegan

Most especially if you just adopted a vegan diet, it’s very important to read labels or do a lot of online research — it can be surprising to know that a lot of food products that seem okay for vegetarians actually contain animal byproducts. Read on to get the shock …

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