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Raising Polly – The Ultimate Guide to Raising Parrots


Raising PollyDid you just get a new parrot and have no idea how to care for it? Do you own a parrot who “looks” sick, and is plucking his feathers constantly? Are you interested in learning the best, fastest and easiest way to care for your parrot so that he lives a long and healthy life, without spending a lot of money on supplies?

In the “Raising Polly: How-to Raise a Healthy, Happy, Well Adjusted Bird” ebook you’re about to discover a proven system for optimizing your parrot’s physical and emotional health as well as his energy level. This system works whether your parrot is healthy or sick.

There are essentially 3 main things you need to know about parrot care:

  • How to setup your cage properly
  • How to maintain quality conditions in your cage
  • How to feed your parrot proper not only to avoid health conditions but emotional problems as well.

This is for you…

  • If you’ve owned a parrot in the past who died early, this will work for you.
  • If you just got a new parrot and have no idea how to care for it properly, this is for you.
  • If you’re thinking about getting a parrot and you want to make sure you start out on the right foot, this is for you.

100’s of other parrot owners use this very same system you’ll be using.

Here’s the thing: Parrots are very delicate creatures. They get sick easily, and they can die easily. What you probably don’t know is that sickness and early death can be totally prevented by providing them with the proper nutrition and attention from the very beginning!

An easy to follow, downloadable guide called “Raising Polly: How-to Raise a Healthy, Happy, Well Adjusted Bird.” is a foolproof ‘formula’ for feeding parrots, setting up a healthy cage environment with perfect health and diet conditions that maximize your parrot’s health and energy for years to come, and virtually eliminate any chance that your parrot will ever get sick.

This system is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know about parrot care and greatly reduce the risk that your parrot will face those emotional problems that beset so many of these birds who are kept as pets.

It also provides step-by-step “quick cure” instructions for every single parrot illness. So, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that if your parrot does ever fall ill, you’ll have the knowledge to cure him quickly and inexpensively… Read more…


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