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Rejuven360 Review – Stop The Meltdown of Your Body’s Cellular Power Plants?

Here is our Rejuven360 review. While many people think the aches and pains, fatigue, and fine lines they experience are simply part of the aging process, a breakthrough report now reveals that these problems could be due to a meltdown of the body’s cellular power plants.

For most men and women, when they see the first wrinkle, notice a receding hairline or realize they have put on a few pounds, they simply chalk it up to getting older and think there is nothing they can do about it. New research now reveals; however, that there may be something that can be done about the aches and pains associated with growing older and even the unexplained weight gain.



Aging is not simply an inevitable part of life, according to new research, which points that every cell in our body contains a unique DNA blueprint that may be able to help the body continue functioning as it should even as we grow older. In fact, there are some marine creatures that never seem to slow down or grow weaker with the passage of time.

What’s The Deal With Rejuven360?

Mitochondria, which are the organelles responsible for providing life, play a fundamental role in how well our bodies function. These organelles are responsible for generating the majority of our body’s cellular power. The same principles that are used by hydroelectric dams are used by these organelles in our bodies. According to biologists, the human bodies contains hundreds of thousands of these organelles.

The Deal With Rejuven360The primary role of mitochondria is to convert energy from food into adensine triphosphate, or ATP. Scientists further report that any dysfunction in the mitochondria makes it impossible for the body to create new energy, which can result in some of the most common signs of aging. For example, researchers found that individuals over the age of 70 possess 50 percent more mitochondrial damage than middle-aged people.

Furthermore, mitochondrial damage has been linked to such conditions as heart failure, Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Clearly, there is a connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and the aging process. Basically, the more mitochondria the body has, the more energy it is, and the slower the aging process.

The number one enemy of mitochondria is free radicals. Most people have heard of free radicals, but mistakenly believe that free radicals are primarily found in toxins or environmental pollutants. In reality, the majority of free radicals can be found in the body’s own cells. Surprisingly, mitochondria contain their own worst enemies.

Biology researchers have found that the primary reason that most people begin to experience a loss of energy as they grow older is the inability of mitochondria to produce more energy and keep the body running at peak performance. Most people simply think that it’s impossible to avoid this type of cellular destruction.

Recent discoveries have led to a new understanding regarding the best way to put a stop to and even reverse the aging process. Breakthrough compounds now make it possible to actually address the key root of the aging process on a mitochondrial level.


According to research performed at the University of California-Irving, mitochondria are essential to aging and improving the function of mitochondria could help to delay the onset of such conditions as Type 2 diabetes and vision problems.

Breakthrough research has now found four ways to actually reverse aging beginning at the mitochondrial level. Based on this research, it is now possible to help the cells within the body to function better and produce optimal amounts of energy. Clinical studies have found a dramatic reduction and reduction of various chronic diseases using this approach.

This is the key. In order to turn back the hands of time, you must learn how to target your mitochondria. A recent breakthrough scientific formula is now available to address mitochondrial abilities and functions.

Rejuven360 reviewThe first key to reversing the aging process is producing more mitochondria. Unfortunately, as people get older, their mitochondria weaken and eventually die off. As a result, the body loses the ability to produce energy. Mental and physical performance begins to decline. Making more mitochondria reverses this process.

Researchers at the University of California at Davis have discovered a strong correlation between the growth of new mitochondria and pyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ, which is one of four nutrients capable of preventing the aging of mitochondria. This process is known as mitochondrial biogenesis.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that PQQ supplements are capable of dramatically improving the growth of mitochondria. Along with boosting brainpower, PQQ is also able to stimulate the natural production of nerve growth factor as well as relieve stress in the brain.

Boosting mitochondria energy is also important to reversing the aging process. One of the reasons that many people seem to need more sleep as they grow older is the decline of CoQ10 levels. As a result, the body’s cells are not able to perform as efficiently as they once were.

Increasing mitochondrial communication is also essential to reversing aging. A coenzyme known as NADH and which can be found in vitamin B3 is capable of increasing energy in the brain as well as the body. Older individuals have only about the levels of NADH as their younger counterparts, however. Regardless of how healthy you eat; however, you cannot stop the eventual decline of NADH. Research has shown that it is possible to prevent such problems with the right NADH supplements.

Finally, to slow the process of mitochondria from dying off, it’s important to make sure your body has enough Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. This is actually the substance found in the skins of red grapes and is what was found to be responsible for the French Paradox, the low occurrence of heart disease among people living in France, despite the fact that they consume a high-fat diet.

A breakthrough anti-aging compound has now been released to specifically target the rejuvenation of cellular energy factories. Based on months of research to test the most effective nutrients, this compound contains PQQ to boost the production of new mitochondria, NADH to slow the aging of mitochondria, CoQ10 to boost mitochondria energy, and Resveratrol to protect mitochondria from damage.

Rejuven 360


According to the co-founder, this compound, Rejuven360, is cited to be the first comprehensive mitochondrial support supplement of its kind on the market. Additionally, it is stated to be the first supplement of its kind to actually increase energy within the body’s cells in four unique ways.

The theory behind this supplement is based on the four key nutrients and their effect on energy production and cell metabolism.

Who Is Michael Bounty

The co-founder of Rejuven360 is Michael Bounty, who brought together a team of specialists in the field of cellular aging to understand the aging process and the best ways to stop cellular deterioration.

I wasn’t able to find a lot of information on Michael Bounty. If I can find additional information I’ll update this section. This is actually pretty normal with a new product. Due to the product being new their isn’t a lot of information available from the author.

What’s Included

Rejuven360 isn’t a digital product which is what my team and I usually review. Rejuven360 is a physical product which is shipped to your door. It’s available in one, three and six-month packages. Like most physical products which are delivered you get a better deal and save money when you buy one of the higher packages. In my personal opinion, I always recommend you start out with a one month purchase.

The truth is you have no clue if you’ll like Rejuven360 or want to continue taking it. So the best way to avoid having too much product on hand is to just start with a one month supply. See how you like it and how it does for you. If you feel it’s a good fit you can always order again or you can setup a three or six month package.

Michael Bounty

Pros and Cons

Rejuven360 comes with a risk-free trial. All purchases are protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, all orders come with free shipping. Rejuven360 appears to be backed by a lot of solid scientific research, which can certainly provide peace of mind to anyone considering trying this supplement.

The company also cites a number of customer testimonials, which is also reassuring. While there are no hard statistics behind Rejuven360, the one-year guarantee means that you do not really have anything to lose. As I mentioned above I recommend you start with a one month trial so you can give it a try and see how it does for you overall. One con for me is the lack of a customer support/customer service email or phone number on the main sales page.

The only time this is made available is after you purchase in case you need to reach them or cancel your order. It would have been nice to see it right on the main sales page. Orders are handled through Paypal which is good because their company is credible and reliable.

Rejuven360 Review Final Thoughts

Aging is largely considered to simply be an accepted part of life. Based on new scientific research; however, it appears that it may be possible to slow down the aging process to some degree.

Although complete reversal of aging isn’t possible unless you’re in a science fiction  movie. Rejuven360 is based on solid research and it’s nice to see the company provides a one-year guarantee. I wish I could recommend this product to everyone, but the truth is I can’t…

And it’s not because Rejuven360 isn’t good or doesn’t work or anything of that natural. I simply can’t recommend it to everyone because it’s NOT for everyone. Rejuven360 is for a specific group of people and tackles a specific type of problem. If you feel the problem that Rejuven360 is designed for is one you have then I recommend giving it a try. Don’t start with the 3 or 6 month supply. Start with a one month supply and see how it goes and then based off your experience you can dive deeper if needed.

I highly recommend you check out the Rejuven360 official website for more information before you purchase. And you are protected with a solid refund system if needed.


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