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Remove The Pain In The Back And Neck Forever

Remove The Pain In The Back And NeckNeck and back pain is very common worldwide and everyone has suffered from this type of pain in their life. This condition can cause muscle pains, because the neck becomes weaker and heavier due to pain or stiffness in the back and neck.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the appearance of this type of pain, like stenosis of the spine, hernia disc, strained muscles, degenerated vertebrae or an injury. Also lifting heavy loads, poor body posture, age or folded back, reading in bed, insomnia or exercise can lead to back and neck pain.

It is very difficult to diagnose the back pain, and in 85% of all cases it is not properly diagnosed, not even with magnetic resonance. There are several types of back pain, the first or the acute back pain usually lasts for 4 weeks and it goes away on its own, the second type is chronic back pain, and in this case you need to treat it and it lasts longer period.

Here are some tips to help you relieve the back pain:

  • Buy a new mattress if it is older than five years, because it can be the reason for the back pain, especially if it is deformed and overused.
  • Hiking, running and walking can help with back pain.
  • Do not lift small children with the back muscles instead take them in the arms, crouch and put the weight on the thigh muscles.
  • In order to relieve back pain, do not sit for longer period. Do exercises and stretch your body often, after sitting,stand up and move around for a bit.
  • If you suffer from back pain, it is not recommended to sleep on the belly.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things, because you can hurt the joints or the spine and cause an injury.
  • When you need to brush your teeth, carry babies and bags, and other activities, always bend the knees.

Also you can the shoulders can also be very vulnerable and prone to injuries or damage. This type of shoulder pain can be a result of:

  • If the hand bone is fractured.
  • Unstable joints
  • Stiff shoulder
  • Dislocation injury
  • Stretching

As we mentioned above, there are two types of neck pain, acute which lasts less than twelve weeks, and chronic pain which can last longer. The reasons for this pain are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Cramps
  • Stress
  • Sleeping in bad position
  • Injured or stretched neck (muscle, ligament or tendon)
  • Being physically inactive
  • Walking and sitting in bad posture
  • Over stretching

Here are some tricks to help you treat neck pain:

  • Massage the neck in order to relax the muscles.
  • Do regular exercises, and stretch the neck muscles to relax them.
  • Lower the level of stress, because it can lead to many health problems, try to find a way to relax and calm your body with yoga or meditation.
  • Put hot and cold compress on the area where you are feeling pain every 2-3 hours.
  • Change the pillow and the position that you sleep. Memory foam pillows have the ability to adjust to the head and neck. And feather pillows are soft for the head and neck.

Do not sleep on high and hard pillows because it can lead to neck stiffness. Do not curve the spine when you sleep on the side. While traveling support your joint with a travel pillow.

The following video will show you how to treat and relieve the pain in the neck.

Source: healthylifestar.com

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