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Health Benefits of Quince


Quince is a fruit that comes from a small tree having the same name, which is commonly cultivated for ornamental uses due to its beautiful light pink flowers. By the way, this tree is native to Turkey, Hungary, Armenia, Uzbekistan and many other countries that are adjacent to them. Going …

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Health Benefits of Wakame


Are you fond of eating all sorts of Chinese, Korean and most especially Japanese dishes? Then it’s very much likely for you to have already encountered wakame for a number of times without you knowing it. In this article, we will get to know the many, many impressive health perks …

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Health Benefits of Agrimony


Agrimony has long been used for various medicinal purposes by ancient Greeks and Romans. The herb was even believed to ward off curses and dark creatures. These days, agrimony is commonly employed as tea, which is made from its dried stems, leaves and flowers. Agrimony essential oil is available at …

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Health Benefits of Paradise Nut

Paradise Nut

Paradise nut comes from the paradise nut tree which is native to many parts of South and Central America. The said tree bears coconut-sized fruits, and numerous paradise nuts can be found in each one of them. Bats love paradise nuts and they’re the ones responsible for the propagation of …

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Health Benefits of Spanish Lime

Spanish Lime

Also known as limoncillo and quenepa fruit, Spanish lime is native to various tropical regions on the planet. It is a very small fruit, about the same size as an olive, and it has a tough green-colored exterior. Inside is a completely different story – the flesh is jelly-like and …

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Health Benefits of Candlenuts


Candlenuts are called that way because they contain lots of oils that can be used for making candles and as lamp oil. They are not only employed as a source of illumination, but also as food – candlenuts are actually loaded with all sorts of nutrients. Do you love macadamia …

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Health Benefits of Udon Noodles

Udon Noodles

Are you planning on experimenting with Japanese cooking? Good for you! Everyone knows that a lot of Japanese foods are good for the health. While making a list of the various dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun that you would like to cook, make sure that you include …

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Health Benefits of Selenium


Selenium is an important mineral that can be found in various foods such as garlic, Brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds but the quantity of selenium depends on the amount of mineral found in the soil where these foods are grown. This mineral is also present in water and can be …

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Surprising Health Benefits of Cypress Oil

Cypress Oil

Essential oils are being used to treat various health issues including caring for one’s skin, nails, and hair. Each type of essential oil has its own set of benefits that you can take advantage of depending on  your needs. Olive oil, chamomile, peppermint are just a few of the more …

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Health Benefits of Eating Catfish Regularly

Eating Catfish Regularly

Catfish got its name from the feelers it has on its snout, which resemble the whiskers of a cat. In the US, it’s one of the most consumed products from the sea, and is available fresh or frozen all year round since it is farm-raised. The mild taste possessed makes …

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