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Health Benefits of Moth Beans

Moth Bean

Moth beans are native to both India and Pakistan. However, it’s also cultivated in many other parts of Asia, as well as Australia and the US. What’s so great about moth beans is they can thrive even without water. In fact, they are said to be one of the most …

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Health Benefits of Lupini Beans

Lupini Bean

Are you into Mediterranean and Latin American cooking? If so, you may have encountered lupini beans in the past. These legumes are a wonderful addition to the diet because they are rich in protein as well as a bunch of other nutrients. Some of them include fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, …

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Health Benefits of Agrimony


Agrimony has long been used for various medicinal purposes by ancient Greeks and Romans. The herb was even believed to ward off curses and dark creatures. These days, agrimony is commonly employed as tea, which is made from its dried stems, leaves and flowers. Agrimony essential oil is available at …

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These 12 Foods Seem Vegan But They’re Not!

Foods Seem Vegan

Most especially if you just adopted a vegan diet, it’s very important to read labels or do a lot of online research — it can be surprising to know that a lot of food products that seem okay for vegetarians actually contain animal byproducts. Read on to get the shock …

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10 Reasons to Eat Huckleberries


Huckleberries, according to many, taste just like blackberries. This means that you are not going to have a hard time loving them if blackberries are a normal part of your diet. Nutrition experts say that huckleberries have impressive antioxidant properties, and that’s why you should have them welcomed into your …

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The Downside of Carbohydrates


Carbohdyrates should be part and parcel of your diet along with protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients as it is your source of energy. The nutrients found in carbohdyrates include digestible and indigestible fiber. The digestible fiber, composed mainly of starches or sugar, is broken down in the digestive …

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