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The Coconut Oil Secret Review – Can Coconut Oil Improve Your Health?


Regardless of how many health supplements, laboratories churn out, there is simply nothing that can compare to what is already present in nature. The coconut has proven to be incredibly abundant in terms of healing properties. So much so, in fact, that it has come to be known as the tree of life.

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Prior to World War II, individuals living is tropical regions, primarily subsisted on a diet rich in the coconut. This functional food is rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It’s no coincidence that these elements are essential for optimal health. For generations, people living in the islands considered the coconut to be the cure for all ailments. In fact, island people consumed the milk, meat, and oil from the coconut tree on a daily basis.

Coconut Oil Secret

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Even though this diet was quite high in saturated fat, conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease were practically unheard of. Instead, islanders enjoyed excellent health, youthful complexions, and suffered from practically no wrinkles.

Research has shown that coconut oil has the ability to protect from infection, viruses, bacteria, cancer, and burn. It is even capable of burning fat. This is because coconut oil is abundant in health-promoting properties.

Finally, Western medicine has finally come to understand the many health benefits offered by coconut oil. The Coconut Oil Secret reveals everything you need to know to put those health benefits to work for you. Let’s continue with this Coconut Oil Secret review…

What Is The Coconut Oil Secret All About

Just a few of the problems that coconut oil has been used to alleviate is island countries before World War II, include coughs, malnutrition, constipation, skin infections, malnutrition, earaches, toothaches, and more. Everything changed; however, once World War II came to an end and Western medicine began claiming that hydrogenated oils were healthier than saturated oils, including those oils found in coconuts and butter.

In reality, this is a complete myth. Unfortunately, this health scare persisted for many years. The truth of the matter is that refined vegetable oils were simply less expensive to produce. Over the next few decades; however, Western diets came to rely heavily on these oils. It should come as no surprise that for the first time in history, certain diseases became prevalent, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The Coconut Oil Secret outlines what you need to know to move away from this dangerous diet by outlining the four oils you should never consume and explains why. Those oils include canola oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, and soybean oil.

The Coconut Oil Secret: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood helps you to separate the truth from the lies so that you can take full advantage of the many health benefits that coconut oil has to offer. Not only does this book expose what the author refers to as the Saturated Fat Myth, but it also explains that not all coconut oil is the same.

Coconut Oil Secret review

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Research has shown that coconut oil does provide a number of health benefits, including helping you to burn fat while improving and protecting your skin. Other health benefits of coconut oil include increasing your energy, providing your body with healthy nutrients, and helping you to avoid cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.

In order to take full advantage of those benefits; however, it’s important to understand that not all coconut oil is created equally. Some coconut oils are better than others. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of refined coconut oil in circulation. The fact of the matter is that the more processed the coconut oil, the less health benefits it offers.

According to The Coconut Oil Secret, it’s important to select cold-pressed, expeller-pressed, or raw coconut oil. This book also reveals when it’s a good idea to use coconut oil in capsule form and when you should avoid it.

This book also presents a wealth of other information, including how to determine if yeast is actually making you sick and how you can perform a simple test in your own home to find out. Most people would be surprised to discover they have a small amount of yeast living in their intestines and even in their mouths.

This yeast does serve a critical role in terms of nutrient absorption and digestion. The issue occurs when yeast begins to overpopulate. When that happens, yeast can break down intestinal walls and begin seeping into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, yeast can release toxins. Such leakages can result in a number of health issues.

In The Coconut Oil Secret, you will discover the top food culprits that could actually be allowing yeast to run rampant in your body and how to avoid those foods. You will also learn how you can encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in your body with a list of superfoods, including coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Secret book

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The author also reveals the surprising symptoms of yeast overgrowth in the body. Other information revealed in this book includes the symptoms that yeast can cause in the body, including depression.

Heart disease has run rampant in the United States during the last few years. This condition is often treated with statins, which are intended to lower cholesterol. In reality, these drugs rob the body of important heart-nourishing nutrients.

According to the author, statins actually do more harm than good. Coconut oil is chock-full of heart-healthy benefits and could even eliminate the need for statins.

Other information revealed in The Coconut Oil Secret: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood includes why statins are prescribed for most cases of heart disease even though research has shown they do not increase life expectancy.

This book also shows the effect that coconut oil can have on the LDL/HDL radio has well as the ability of coconut oil to reduce blood clots, improve liver health, and reduce free radicals. The author also presents information about how low-grade infections can actually contribute to heart disease and what you can do to avoid those dangerous infections.

Coconut Oil Secret pdf

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Coconut oil has also been shown to be the ultimate detox. While detoxing has become quite popular today, most detox methods are simply fad diets. By comparison, coconut oil has the ability to boost energy levels even while detoxing. In The Coconut Oil Secret, the author reveals the five essential elements of an effective, healthy detox program as well as what you need to do before you start any detox program.

Other information presented in this guide includes how to keep your brain healthy with coconut oil, protect and beautify your skin using coconut oil, and boost your thyroid health.

What Do You Get With Coconut Oil Secret

The Coconut Oil Secret clearly explains why coconut oil is the best healing superfood found in nature. With this book, you also receive two bonus books; 20 Cleansing & Anti-Aging Ways to Use Coconut Oil as well as 11 Super-Delicious, Super-Healthy Coconut Oil Recipes.

The Coconut Oil Secret

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Pros and Cons

The Coconut Oil Secret offers solid research for the information presented. You have 60 days to give the information presented in this guide a try and if you find it is not helpful for any reason, you can request a full refund of the purchase price.

All three books are delivered digitally, which means you do not have to wait to receive anything in the mail. Instead, as soon as you make your purchase, you receive immediate access to all of the information presented. Of course, if you wanted a hardcopy for some reason, you could always print out the information in the guides. Since everything is delivered digitally, there are also no shipping charges.

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The author does not really go into a lot of detail about the recipes presented in the bonus book, but since this is just a bonus, that’s not really not much of a drawback. This book, plus the bonus books, is currently available for just $10.

Coconut Oil Secret Review Conclusion

The Coconut Oil Secret offers a wealth of information about why coconut oil is such a healthy addition to your diet and why you should avoid other oils, such as soybean oil, to boost your health.

The author has clearly done a lot of research about the subject and is now presenting this information in an easy-to-understand format. With the 60-day money-back guarantee, there is really nothing to lose with this product. I personally utilize Coconut oil within my own diet and have for years.

I like to put a little bit in my coffee every morning along with a teaspoon or two of MCT Oil. It gives me a great energy boost and I tend to feel pretty good. I highly recommend you check out the official Coconut Oil Secret website for additional information.


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