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The Ways help you fight type 2 diabetes, heart disease and control cholesterol levels


Diabetes is very common in the world. Almost 16 millions people have it, and numbers are growing. Diabetes affects your health and destroys your happiness. If we aren’t aware of diabetes, we are easy to get diabetes. Especially, some foods affect your health, so Diabetes is on the rise day by day. How to live strongly and prevent from diabetes? You can make a big difference with healthy lifestyle changes. Eating right and exercise is also important to change your health. Nowsaday, Diabetes is popular disease, especially type 2 diabetes, the most common type of diabetes. You can make a positive change to control and prevent from diabetes. The most important you can do for your health is to lose weight. Losing weight can help you lower your blood sugar and control cholesterol levels well. Eating healthier and exercises regularly can help boost your mood, energy levels and confidence.

Regular exercise can improve your health


Exercise plays a vital role to control your diabetes and physical activity has so many benefits. If you are overweight you can not control diabetes easily. Exercise is golden key to control and prevents from diabetes. For people with diabetes, regular exercise can help you control insulin and helo manage your blood glucose levels. You can make simple exercise such as walking, aerobic, physical activity to have a good health. Overweight causes diabetes. So the most important thing you can do for your health is to lose weight.

Benefits of exercises

  • Exercise can reduce the glucose in your blood.
  • Exercise can help your insulin more effective.
  • You can lose weight easily and control health well.
  • Preventing and control heart attack very effectively.
  • Physical exercise can help you maintain cholesterol and avoid arteriosclerosis.
  • When you exercise regularly you can control insulin and keep your heart healthy and strong. Everything in you hand.

A healthy eating plan can prevent and control diabetes.

The biggest risk factor for developing diabetes is being overweight. So losing weight and a healthy eating play a vital role in our life. Changing your regimen to have a good health and control everything especially diabetes. Preventing from risk of type diabetes includes following a healthy diet. Moreover, eating habits are more important. You should create good eating habits to have a good health. The most important you should cut down the fat you eat and saturated fats. Fast foods effect very seriously on your body. In fact, food is fuel for your overall health. But you should select healthy food for your body. In fact these food generally contain high number of calories but offer little or no nutritional value. Fast food often contain too many calories and too little nutrition. If you choose a suitable meals you will not truggle with weight or diabetes.

Choosing more fruit and vegetables for your health.

Most of us want to live healthily and happily. So fruit and vegetable will supply with vitamin, mineral and nutrition. All things will balance your over diet. Fruit is very good for your skin and vegetable are too, for example, a apple or banana, grapes, dragon fruit. They contain a lot of vitamin and mineral. Everyday you eat fruit and vegetable you can maintain balanced weight and good mood. In addition you can control and prevent from diabetes very effectively.

Supplying more beans and lentils

Beans, butter beans, green lentils contain a lot of vitamins and very good for health. Moreover they are healthy and cheap. Everybody can use it easily. Research shows beans have a lot of nutritions and help you control and prevent from diabetes. If you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes you should choose kind of bean for your meal. Many people eat beans with every meal and they can comback to normally. Beans are very good for health.

Eating fishes including one of oil fish.

You should eat fish for cardiovascular health. Eating fishes help you struggle with diabetes very effectively. Fishes contain a lot of useful vitamin and minerals and low in fat. Researchers believe fish oil can help with glucose regulation. People created omega 3 from fishes. Oily fish contain a type of polyunsaturated fat and omega -3 may help fight type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Eating less sugar and sugary foods

Most of people can eat less sugar. We must protect our health. But many habits, especially ones we like, it’s difficult to quit habits. Sugar is not good for your health. Sometime we can’s control weight because we eat a lot of sugar. So you should decide what to cut out completely and what to cut down on. Especially you shouldn’t cut sugar found in the fruit because these foods have a lot of advantageous nutrients for health. The foods contain a lot of sugar such as soft drink, which contain lots of calories but few other nutrients. So we must limit sugar to protect our health and prevent from diabetes.

Limit salt in your diet.

If people eat lots of salt. It can lead to diabetes, stroke and health disease. You should eat less salt in your meal. When you limit your salt in your meal you can control disease and weight very well.


Alcohol harmed for your health.

Alcohol effects your health especially diabetes. If you want to control glucose you should limit alcohol. Especially alcohol is high in caloris if you trying to lose weight you can’t drink alcohol. Remember alcohol is very harmful for your health. If you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes you should control your drinking.


Diabetes is popular disease in the world. If we don’t have reasonable regimen we will be easy to get diabetes. Researchers believe that the key to control and prevent from diabete you should choose suitabe healthy meal and good habits. Avoid processed foods like fast foods, soft drink, sugary desserts. Eating whole fresh fruit instead of fruit juice or fizzy drink. Beside if you want to prevent future illness or limit at high rics for developing diabetes, you should choose a suitable exercise for your health. Regular exercise is the best way to maintain and improve your health. You only take 15 minutes of physical activity 3,4 times a week you can control your weight and health very well . So diabetes can control effectively. You will live happier and stronger.


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